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Remember your first smoke

Smoking…Takes More Willpower To Start Than Stop

I want you to see it for what it is. As you start the process of eliminating cigarettes from your life, you’ll have to throw logic out the window just as you did when you started smoking.

Sweeter With Time

Sweeter With Time Verse 1 Seems only yesterday, holding six pounds three ounces in the palm of my hand. These precious moments soon slip away, but the fragrance left behind only gets sweeter with time.   Verse 2 My life is blessed today. I love the little things in life that you do and you […]

A Personal Note

A Personal Note

My family and I spent the weekend moving my mother out of her home into an assisted living facility where she will hopefully finish out her years living with dignity and joy. Fifty-seven years ago Mom and Dad moved from downtown Louisville to the small town of “Jeffersontown” to raise their family. Little did Mom […]

You Can’t Chase A Dream If You Don’t Have One.

You Can’t Chase A Dream If You Don’t Have One.

You can’t chase a dream if you don’t have one. As we dream, a natural process awakens as “The Law of Attraction” begins to unfold. This attraction stimulates the imagination fueling the desire as the chase begins. As the excitement builds, the subconscious takes over and continues to attract everything needed to draw you closer […]

Does Smoking Make You Happy…Really? “Entry 1”

Now I submit to you, your #1 obstacle which keeps you from living the joy of your dreams is that dirty little cigarette demanding to be smoked.

Good Old Days…They’ll always be good.

Good Old Days verse 1: It’s a cold winters night and I’m driving home slow. Man it’s been a long day, it’s hard to let go. At last, I’m home, my refuge, where I’m treated like a king. Here I make the rules, they follow I’m the leader of this team. Chorus: Then I hear […]

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