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"Smarter Goals" are sustainable.

Smarter Goals Are Sustainable…How & Why

Taking the time to develop smarter goals not only greatly enhances the odds for long term success, but also builds confidence along the way. For instance…a goal to change your life doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do a 180…maybe just a fine tune is all that’s needed. Here are some techniques which have worked for me.

"Dad's Cheeseburgers"...the best in the world!

“Dad’s Cheeseburgers”…the best in the world!

As we sit elbow to elbow around the table I relish the moment it provides as nothing quite brings out the love…the stories…the surprises…the laughs…like Dad’s cheeseburgers cooked out on the grill. They’re the best in the world you know…at least our world.

Stop fearing you’ll never quit smoking.

Stop fearing you’ll never quit smoking.

The sad truth is…as fear is allowed to fester out of control, many simply choose to ignore its appetite while it consumes the joy from their lives. Without much of a fight, they begin to accept its affects as their new reality. They become a slave to their fear.

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