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Two Simple Steps in Getting Anything You Desire.

Two Simple Steps in Getting Anything You Desire.

Think about what you desire from life…no glass ceilings here. The more you long for it, the easier it will be to conjure up the emotion needed to attract success. Your primary job is to cultivate a ton of emotion and spread it throughout your desire each and every day. Your desire is the destination, but the emotion is the journey…enjoy the ride.

Sounds and smells of summer

Forgotten sounds and smells of summer

In the neighborhood where I lived as a child, no one had air conditioning in his home. Consequently, in the heat of the summer, our windows were always left open and the wonderful sounds and smells of the outdoors were as much a part of our lives as the Louisville heat and humidity.

Simple moments make my heart smile.

Simple moments make my heart smile.

As Leslie and I were smack dab in the middle of it all I found these segmented moments if you will…were much easier for me to view early on Saturday mornings…the calm before the storm you might say. The following lyrics I wrote sums it up pretty well…from my point of view:

Great place to begin

Another word for successful may be personal.

Here’s a healthy dose of reality…so hold your nose and take your medicine. Life is not nor has never been fair…and that’s not going to change…so GET OVER IT!

My advice is this: Accept the rules and learn how to play the game. It’s amazing how wonderful the game is once you decide to play. A smidgen of desire is all you need to get rolling.

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