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I'm afraid I'd love to quit smoking...which is it?

I’m afraid I’d love to quit smoking…which is it?

Honestly with all of this information, I was able to tame my fear and fly much more comfortably. With enough credible information, one can turn any “fear of the unknown” into a paper tiger.
I’ll connect the dots from fear to smoking in my next blog article.

Simple moments make my heart smile

“Simple moments”

They’re the ones you can’t get out of your mind during the drive home after dropping your child off at college. They’re the ones that push through your heart and up your throat as they walk down the aisle, or ship overseas. They’re the ones you tell stories about. They’re the ones I write songs about.

Quitting Smoking Without Fear

Quitting Smoking Without Fear

Think about it…we live in our minds. If we are convinced we can achieve something…come hell or high water, it’s going to happen. But…there’s a catch…it works both ways. It’s time to decide. When the student is ready…the teacher will appear.

Getting ready for the Ironman/Ironwoman

Tribute to Suzanne…our Ironwoman

I can only imagine the inner struggles that took place during the weak moments…the cold winter mornings…the sore joints…the hot summer afternoons…the cold swims…the metaphorical brick walls. And to think…not one weak link broke…absolutely amazing.

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