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Dad's 10% Rule...You Can Do It!

Dad’s 10% Rule…You Can Do It!

In closing…you have complete 100% control over how you look and feel. If you give this 10% challenge thing a real shot, you will soon discover what I say is true. What have you got to lose? Sorry…I couldn’t resist.

Note to Self

p.s. The first song I ever wrote, I performed as a toast for my daughter, Elissa and her husband, Aaron at their wedding reception.
Last night, I was listening to it which inspired me to write this blog as well as put a few pictures together in the form of a two minute slideshow. It seemed to fit the mood at the moment.

Without Fear There’d Be No Room For Excitement.

I visualize fear as this imaginary barrier between our safe, sometimes humdrum world, and this room full of excitement and wonder where the real blessings of living reside. So I guess what I would say is…without fear, there’d be no room for excitement…couldn’t resist.

Dad’s Slideshows With Music

One of my roles as a dad of six kids was to be in charge of the camera…and, I must say…I did it to perfection. I didn’t miss a thing…first steps, birthdays, building snowmen, vacations, Christmas mornings, graduations, weddings…you name it…I got it in a photo. It wasn’t too long before I had more photos […]

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