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Motivation Brings Out The Best

Motivation Brings Out The Best

You see…as motivation builds, it begins to empower your confidence…releasing energy which is almost palpable. And at this point, the lines between work and play disappear, as everything you need, as you need it, almost magically appears.

By the way…this phenomenon is often referred to as The Law of Attraction. I like to think of it as…“we get what we give”. And what could be more fair?

Me...a chip off the old block

A Father’s Love Goes Full Circle

The time I had with my dad was very short…12 years to be exact. He died a young man of 36. Believe me…we had our ups and downs, but the focus of this post is set on the ups. And there were plenty. Being I was his first son, our relationship was pretty darn special. […]

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