Another word for successful may be personal.

Another word for successful may be personal…as in “Personal Responsibility.”

Okay…here’s the deal and it’s non-negotiable.  How you feel tomorrow is directly influenced by the decisions you make today.  So…if you understand you have no one to blame but the person in the mirror for any shortcomings you have, you will have a real opportunity to become the person you want to be.

By accepting the above declaration, you have just surpassed 80% of all competition you’ll face in life.

As a country, we’re making it easier and easier to become satisfied being a victim…which is most certainly not another word for successful.  We’ve become comfortable vilifying the success of others in order to justify our mediocrity.  That’s okay…it’s your choice.  But at the end of the day remember…these decisions won’t only reflect, but will dictate, the reality of your tomorrow…and your next day…and your next day.

Here’s a healthy dose of reality…so hold your nose and take your medicine.  Life is not nor has never been fair…and that’s not going to change…so GET OVER IT!

My advice is this: Accept the rules and learn how to play the game.  It’s amazing how wonderful the game is once you decide to play.  A smidgen of desire is all you need to get rolling.

Begin by taking solace in the fact that you only have 20% of the population to compete with for 100% of life’s abundances.  With these odds, you can’t go wrong.  They certainly work for me…and I’m no genius.   But beware!  Misery loves company and the remaining 80% will try to tear you down…so be careful who you hang out with…which brings me to one of “life’s truths.”   We attract what we desire from life…be it positive or negative and the beauty is…it’s your choice…better than that, it’s your desire.

In my view, it’s not about how to find success…that would be putting the cart before the horse.  It’s about recognizing and nurturing the “seeds of success”…opportunities.  These opportunities surround you every day…but you have to truly desire…to see them.  Think about it; what do you do when you want something…I mean really, really, really want something?   Well…because your desire is so great, you subconsciously add the key ingredient to your desire thereby putting “The Law of Attraction” automatically into motion.  That key ingredient is EMOTION.  When you get to this point…you won’t be denied.  You see…Desire + Emotion = Success.  Now…it’s just a matter of time before the universe delivers all things needed to obtain what you desired.  You’ve done it many times without even thinking about it.

Here are some ideas I have used for many years which have served me well with my approach.

Great place to begin

•    Just get started.   When you decide you’re not a victim, a whole new way of thinking arises. You start to actually believe you may be in control of your own destiny.  This excitement begins to guide your actions and emotions which lead to thoughts of desire for what will truly make you happy.   And once you develop that burning desire…momentum will begin to carry you away where there’s no turning back.  There’s a name for this phenomenon…it’s called “The Law of Attraction.

•    Give yourself some time to daydream on what you desire from life.  You see…you have to know what you want…before you can get it.  Once you decide…fix your mind on it day and night as “The Law of Attraction” will show you the way.

•    Don’t be afraid to fail…for it’s the only path to success.   In sales we have a saying: 10% of the salespeople get 80% of the business.  That’s actually more than a saying…it’s a fact.  The reason it’s true is because 90% give up after failing the first time.

Learn how to take a punch

Learn how to take a punch…just don’t let it keep you down.  Listen…what doesn’t kill you…will make you stronger…and most importantly more confident.  And nothing breeds success like confidence.

•    Get and stay in shape.  You’ll feel better…you’ll look better, and things will come much easier as well.  There’s also a wonderful benefit received from a routine workout…endorphins.   Endorphins deliver life’s natural high.   They are produced by the pituitary gland during exercise; they resemble the opiates in their abilities to produce analgesia and a feeling of well-being…extreme well-being. This feeling can last up to 12 hours after each workout…pretty darn good dividend if you ask me.   As you get in shape, you’ll begin to think more as a healthy person…you’ll find yourself eating healthier and dropping bad habits.

So…another word for successful…just might be “you.”  Don’t wait for someone else to make you happy.  Figure out what you want from life right now…set your mind to it and “Make it Happen.”
Bill Peak
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