Dad Spars With The Blues


Have you ever noticed when you’re on top of your game and flying high, your whole world is this endless blue sky filled with white fluffy clouds of possibilities…where no one could possibly bring you down.

But, on the other hand, when you have the blues and your spirit is heavy…grey, misty skies surround you. And as your world closes in, you begin to wonder if you will ever again soar.


Feeling down is a very difficult subject to deal with because there are so many layers…ranging from the blues, all the way to full blown depression.

I’m not an expert on the subject, but I do know this much. Depression…the blues…or whatever you want to call it, has a way of feeding off of our deepest fears, while, at the same time, exploiting our most vulnerable weaknesses… thereby, keeping us down.

Believe me, I’ve had my share of episodes…haven’t we all? So…since it’s on my mind, I’m going to opine a bit…after all…that’s what bloggers do.

This blog of mine is, and has always been an exercise, if you will, in bleeding out everything I’ve ever learned about turning on the optimism. Optimism is needed to get us, and keep us airborne, metaphorically speaking, flying as high and as long as we possibly can, between our inevitable but hopefully short term down times.

Optimism is to depression as a crucifix is to a vampire. They’re both difficult to find when you’re suddenly confronted, but…when you do…they work every time.

Yes…but what about those times when you’re down in the dumps, or even worse off? Maybe something has happened in your life, leaving you feeling as if your world is crumbling beneath your feet. And no matter what you do, think or say…nothing helps. As a matter of fact…the more you struggle, the deeper you sink.

All my life, I have received countless blessing which I haven’t deserved…and I thank God every day for his generosity.

Now…with that being said, Life has also dragged me through a few mine fields of depression kicking and screaming…but always leaving me with a golden nugget within its wake… a smidgen of wisdom.

This is what fuels dadswisdoms. As I’ve said many times…my blog is self-therapy, if nothing else.

When I’m down, there are many times I can feel, think, or motivate my way back up…but not always.

There are so many things in life which can snatch our joy faster than quick…fear, loss, pain, sadness, hopelessness, winter, laziness, loneliness, failure, an illness…you name it.

This is the point where I give you the quick fix…right? Boy, I wish I could…but I can’t. I can only give you my point of view.

None of us can avoid an occasional pit fall from time to time…and if you live long enough, some of them will be quite difficult to pull out of. But…you will…you will indeed.

Listen…in our lowest moments, we feel the most alone. Therefore it’s easy to mistakenly believe our suffering is unique…but it’s not. And this fact alone can often begin the uplifting process.

Misery does indeed love company. And many times when there’s nothing else, this simple feeling of camaraderie is enough to ignite a spark. And a spark may be all you need to turn this thing around. A spark of hope…of optimism…of positive thinking…of love…a spark of something…doesn’t matter what…they’re all contagious. And a good infection is what is needed at the moment.

I realize depression is confounding…it rejects logical thinking. When you’re there…in that moment…in your mind’s eye…nothing will make you feel better. As a matter of fact, subconsciously you reject everything…therefore nothing could possibly help.

Keep in mind…your life, like the seasons…will continue to renew itself as long as you live.

So, when you’re flying high in the moment and feel as if you will be there forever, then suddenly crash… take comfort in knowing, the opposite is also true. You will again soar, even though you feel you never again will.

So, the next time you get the blues, keep an eye out for that little spark…which will surely turn you around…if, you allow it to. That spark can pop from many places…a morning sky…a walk in the woods…a song lyric…may even be Psalm 23. Listen…you’re always surrounded by light, and when you’re ready…you’ll find it.


And when you get your feet back on the ground…and you will…make some effort to get them off the ground. And as you begin to glide again…maybe, just maybe, one of my blog posts will help get you soooooaring again.

Because, if you’re anything like me…you can use all the help you can get.

There…I feel better already.

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No one blues it better than Joe…no one.

Bill Peak

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  1. Sibyl
    Sibyl January 3, 2014 at 6:23 am | | Reply

    You must think I’m making this up because it has happened so many times ever since I’ve started reading your blog…But every time you release a blog, it always has something to do with whatever I’ve been thinking about or dealing with! How does that happen?

    So, on New Years Day, I had the day off. I went to church, felt great, was planning on starting the new year in a great mood, optimistic, etc. But then, when I went home, cleaned up a bit and put away some Christmas stuff, I started feeling so blue! So I asked Steve if we could go for a ride, which we often do on weekends. We usually drive around and look at houses, contemplate on moving etc. Even though it was bright and sunny, I continued to feel so blue, it felt dark to me. I just couldn’t shake it. I kept thinking, “i can’t start the year like this”. Anyway, we went to a late New Years party that evening and I finally shook that feeling off after talking to people and being social. Thank God! Because I didn’t know what I was going to do if that feeling continued. I felt like this dark cloud kept following me.

    So being with people was all the spark I needed to get me out of that feeling. You are right, our life is like seasons, just continues to change. I definitely had that winter blues that I usually get right after the holidays. I go and have so many parties during the holiday season that as soon as it’s over, bam!, my mood drops. It’s crazy.

    Anyway, thank you for this blog. It’s nice to know I’m not alone feeling like this.

    PS. I feel better, went back to work, things are back to “normal”.

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