Dad’s 10% Rule…You Can Do It!

You can do it
I gained a few pounds over the winter and by doing so, I not only look, but more importantly, feel a bit sluggish. The good news is…I know how to get in shape…and the better news is…it’s relatively simple. Believe me…I’ve been doing it for 25 years…and if were difficult, I wouldn’t do it.

So…I say it’s time to nip it…nip it in the bud.

So…is there anyone who seconds the motion?

There is no better time than the spring to get motivated to look and feel our best, for summer is just around the corner. Let’s begin with a reality check. Look in the mirror and be honest with yourself. Here we go…what do you see and how do you feel? Don’t you dare cop out by rationalizing with the following self-talk.

• Age is catching up to me.
• I’m going through a life change.
• It not too bad when I suck it in.
• It’s not as easy for me as it is for others.
• It’s in my genes and there’s nothing I can do about it.

It’s in your genes alright…your blue jeans. And trust me…there is something you can do about it…and I’m here to help you.
The problem is people try to lose too much, too quickly by giving up foods they love. Therefore, they easily get discouraged and quit.

Here’s the secret to success. Keep it simple…don’t bite off more than you can chew, you might say. It’s the 10% rule. Some call it…portion control. I call it…I’m in control.

Why 10%? It’s easy…it’s doable…it’s something you can live with…and more importantly…it will make a much bigger difference in your life than you imagine. 10% of your weight will be gone…long gone. Think about that for a moment. For me…it’s 20 pounds. For you…??? That’s a big deal. Put it this way…you’d think it was a big deal if you were to gain that much weight.

Listen…this 10% method will guarantee you the following benefits:

• You’ll feel 100% better.
• You’ll look younger and sexier.
• You’ll be more confident and in control.
• You’ll wish you did it years ago.
• Others will notice.
• You’ll give up none of your favorite foods…that’s right…you will still be enjoying all the dishes you love.

Face facts…there is no way on earth you’re going to give up any food you love for the rest of their life…ain’t going to happen. This is about changing your life…not about getting ready for a wedding.

So often we tend to make things much more difficult than they need to be. Don’t ask me why…it’s just a fact. I suppose it sells more books…I don’t know. But you know as well as I do…the best ideas are the simplest, and this 10% challenge, which by the way is not my brainchild, falls right in this category.

Here’s the 10% method in a nutshell.

Don’t change any eating habits but ONE. Eat 10% less. That’s it! In other words…eat 90% of everything you would normally eat in the course of a day. Your job is to get used to it and make it part of your life.

Listen…don’t poo poo this. I know for a fact this one works…for sure…for a lifetime. How do I know? I practice what I preach, and have been doing it for a very long time…and I’m no more disciplined than you.

It’s a fact…you are what you eat and the only way to control your weight is to control the food you consume…to be more exact…the calories you take in.

You can work out until you’re blue in the face…and by doing so, you will most certainly tone up, but…you won’t lose a single pound. You’ll probably even gain a few…but that’s another story for another day.

For each of the next three weeks, I will introduce a unique, fun way of getting and staying in shape which has served me very well over the years.

As I stated earlier, I also need a bit of a tune up, which I will begin today. Just to keep it fun, I will monitor and post my progress as well as comment on any challenges I encounter along the way.
I know how to get in shape
Let me preface this by saying…the first week will be the most difficult as your body gets used to having 10% less. But I assure you, this will fade quickly if you don’t give in. Your stomach will shrink 10% in a heartbeat…and isn’t that what we’re looking for? So be strong, because it’s so worth it. You know…it’s amazing how quickly our bodies adapt to the desires of our heart.

Please post any comments or suggestions you would like to share below. I’m looking for some success stories here…it benefits us all.

In closing…you have complete 100% control over how you look and feel. If you give this 10% challenge thing a real shot, you will soon discover what I say is true. What have you got to lose? Sorry…I couldn’t resist.

Listen…I know how to get in shape, so follow my lead.

Simple suggestions to enhance your results:
• Mustard instead of mayonnaise
• Low fat ice cream
• Extra lean beef…(Laura’s Lean)
• Broiled instead of fried
• Vinaigrette instead of blue cheese
• Skip the butter bread on occasion
• Popcorn instead of chips

Next week, we begin phase II as we tone it up. This is the fun stuff.

Bill Peak
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  1. Sibyl
    Sibyl March 28, 2013 at 6:27 am | | Reply

    Okay, all I want to do is lose the 5 lbs that I gained AFTER Christmas. Before Christmas, I started losing weight without really trying. i’m not sure why. Maybe it was because I was so busy. Even at Christmastime, I hardly ate…..but then January set in…the most depressing month of the year and then I was sick for 6 weeks. I just want to be able to lose that 5-6 lbs that I gain!
    So this will help me.

    Thank you for the advice. I look forward to the next phases.

    By the way, and I keep telling you this, you need to right a book…especially on weight loss and getting fit. The way you right and the choice of words and phrases are so motivating!

    Have a great day!

  2. Strength Training Exercise April 9, 2013 at 10:39 pm |

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