“Dad’s Cheeseburgers”…the best in the world!

I’ve been told that “Dad’s Cheeseburgers” are the very best cheeseburgers in the world.  They say they’re perfect every time…so juicy…so cheesy…so delicious. Granted…this edict comes from family members who enjoy eating much more than they enjoy cooking.  Hey…I’m easy…I’ll take it.

You see…I understand the rules.  Whenever I want all my family to come by for a little fellowship…you might say…all I have to do is hint that I just might be grilling some burgers and before you know it everyone shows up with a dish ranging from corn-on-the-cob to watermelon and everything in-between.  I’m telling ya…it doesn’t get any better than this…no sir.

As I speak…and by the way this is dynamic…the more dynamic the better…our clan consists of  six kids, five grandkids, three son-in-laws, one daughter-in-law not to mention the sprinkling of  a boyfriend or two.  I’m telling you…add a charcoal grill full of barbecue cheeseburgers…and look out!


As we sit elbow to elbow around the table I relish the moment it provides as nothing quite brings out the love…the stories…the surprises…the laughs…like Dad’s cheeseburgers cooked out on the grill.  They’re the best in the world you know…at least our world.

So whether your signature dish is cheeseburgers, steak, fish or chicken…just serve them…and serve them often.  Who knows…maybe one day if you’re lucky…you just might  be known for having the SECOND best cheeseburgers in the world.

 Dad’s Cheeseburgers:                                        

• Lean ground beef… (I prefer “Laura’s lean”) 1/4lb per each burger

• Bottle of your favorite barbecue sauce

• Bottle of Worcestershire Sauce

• Cold “Amstel Light” beer or two…for the cook

• Cheddar cheese…one slice per each burger

• Ice cold tomato, lettuce and cucumber


 Here we go:                                                                                                                         

1. Fire up the “charcoal grill.”

2. Patty up the burgers and lay them on a sheet of aluminum foil.

3. As the flame burns off the charcoal lay the aluminum foil along with burgers on the cooking surface of the grill…use the “direct heat method” for cooking.

4. Liberally apply both the barbecue sauce and Worcestershire sauce on top of eack burger.

5. Immediately flip the burgers and reapply both sauces.

6. After cooking 2 to 3 minutes repeat step 5.

7. Repeat step 6 no less than 5 times. (This is key…reapplying the sauces with each flip not only ensures that “best cheese burger in the world” flavor but also guarantees each burger will be perfectly cooked on the inside without charring the outside.

8. After the last flip apply the sauces once more and add the cheese…close the top of the grill for 30 seconds then put them on the bun.

9. Tip: put the cheesy portion of the burger face down on the BOTTOM of the bun…it will make it much easier when adding the ice cold tomato, lettuce and cucumber underneath the top of the bun.

Let the good times roll.

Bill Peak (Dad)

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2 Responses

  1. Abdurrasheed
    Abdurrasheed September 9, 2012 at 12:53 am | | Reply

    Rapture Burgers I think I’ve died and gone to Heaven after seeing that gueorogs plate of food at the end. I need to watch your videos earlier in the day I always seem to watch at night when it’s too late to cook/eat. But now I’m starving! It all looks great my dear friend! Happy Memorial Day Weekend to you and yours! Save me a rapture burger

    1. BILL PEAK
      BILL PEAK September 21, 2012 at 9:01 am | | Reply

      Abdurrasheed, Thank you very much for the kind words.

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