Dad’s Slideshows With Music

One of my roles as a dad of six kids was to be in charge of the camera…and, I must say…I did it to perfection. I didn’t miss a thing…first steps, birthdays, building snowmen, vacations, Christmas mornings, graduations, weddings…you name it…I got it in a photo.

It wasn’t too long before I had more photos than space to store them. Even after upgrading to digital, I couldn’t keep track of them all.

Now…being the sentimental fool I am, I wanted to find a way to organize these family events… (Photos). More importantly, I wanted to be able to effortlessly locate and enjoy them at a moment’s notice.

So I decided, many years ago, to learn everything there was to know about making DVD slideshows complete with music. Let me tell you…the secret is in the music. For when music is laced with a memory, the 4th dimension in viewing erupts…EEmotion. And experiencing this EEmotion from my 54” HD transforms our family vacation into an excursion down memory lane, triggering a room full of memories and conversation…priceless!

As you can imagine…after all these years I have become quite proficient at this hobby. Why?…because I simply love to do it…and now with the kids grown and gone, I have plenty of time and passion to get it done.

The cool thing is, instead of having thousands of pictures lost in space nowhere to be found, I now have on one shelf DVD albums organized by the year and cataloged by the event. I am now able to grab a memory of my liking and put it up on the big screen before the popcorn is ready.

Honestly, making these DVD slide shows isn’t difficult…anyone could do it. The problem is, it is very time consuming…not to mention, there’s a rather steep learning curve involved in making them look cool. Therefore, most people don’t.

Yes…I’ll give you a FREE 25 picture slideshow complete with music…with no strings attached and with no obligations.
Here’s what you do to get your FREE SLIDESHOW. Click on to my new website at the end of this sentence for details.
See you on the other side for your FREE SLIDESHOW.

Bill Peak
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