Does Smoking Make You Happy…Really? “Entry 1”

Does Smoking Make You Happy…Really?

Ponder this question…what do you really want from life? Don’t hold back; the sky’s the limit. The more vividly you see this picture in your mind’s eye, the better your opportunity of achieving it. So dream big! Visualize the type of people you want in your life, as well as the job you would love to have, and most importantly, the quality of life you deserve to enjoy. Imagine all the wonderful things you would like to achieve. Listen to me…there are those who live their dreams everyday…why not you? What is holding you back?

Be honest…in your vivid dream you just had about your perfect life…did it include smoking? If not…keep reading. You just might be ready to put them out for good.

Stop and think about the obstacles you have created which are keeping you from living your dreams. It’s easy to get discouraged or feel overwhelmed as you face your weaknesses but these self-imposed roadblocks are what keep you shut out from what you want and need. Try looking at it this way…keep your focus on the prize, in this case your dreams, while working on dismantling your obstacles one by one, and remember… it’s always the right time to begin. The only person you need to convince is yourself.

Now I submit to you, your #1 obstacle which keeps you from living the joy of your dreams is that dirty little cigarette demanding to be smoked. I pledge to blog antidotes on this subject from time to time in hopes of motivating you to, once and for all, commit to putting this awful addiction behind you. And when you’re ready and willing, I will help show the way. I kicked its ass years ago…and you will too. I assure you, if you make this happen, you will live as you never have before…with the joy of your dreams even better than you imagined.

With that being said, I confess I once was as hardheaded and fearful about quitting smoking as you may be today. The truth is I failed countless times before I finally figured it out. In preparing this piece, I spent a lot of time trying to relive those struggles and triumphs which finally lead me to the path of victory. In doing so, I recalled that first hurdle which in fact has not changed, and never will…the smoker has to realize on his own that he’s had enough, and until that happens, there is nothing anyone can do or say to get through his force field of denial. But here’s the good news. This printed page isn’t going anywhere. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear…BUT NOT ONE SECOND BEFORE.

As long as I get comments on the subject… I’ll keep writing.  If you would like… you can leave one below.

Bill Peak

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5 Responses

  1. Patsy
    Patsy February 24, 2012 at 9:23 pm | | Reply

    SMOKING……Oh what luggage. I have been a non-smoker for 1 year, 1 month and 15 days. I am glad I made the change, but I can honestly say, I think about smoking daily. I hope I didn’t wait until it was too late to quit, for I know I may still pay my dues. I do not miss the cost, smell, bad health or shame, but I can honestly say I did enjoy smoking. If only I had never picked one up in the first place. My little Johnny, caring so much for his dear old mom, really made me think……..I NEED TO QUIT……that was the first eye opener, then my hubby John getting sick was the next eye opener. I really hoped and still hope he will quit. Good luck to all who want to quit. It takes total will power and a want for good health. Seeing that commercial on TV ending with the old guy on the oxygen machine, sure sickens me…… I DON’T WANT TO BE IN THAT POSITION.

    BILL PEAK February 24, 2012 at 9:43 pm | | Reply

    Patsy, I quit over 35 years ago and at the time I smoked 2 packs a day. It looks like you found that good reason to quit, and I gotta tell you when I finally found that good reason, I was home free…it was the key to my success. You will make it…and believe there will be a day the thought of smoking won’t even enter your mind, and if it does you won’t give it a second thought. It’s true, back when I smoked, I enjoyed it, but nowhere near as much as as I love my energy I have every day. I have 4 times the stamina at age 58 than I had at 23 when I smoked everything I could get my hands on. Believe me, you won’t be sorry…never go back…it gets easier every day. If you feel you have to have a smoke…get with me first. I’ll talk you down, ha,ha. Hang in there

  3. Jerry
    Jerry March 5, 2012 at 10:02 am | | Reply

    From an article on the smoking cessation forum:

    “Feelings of being deprived of something good – of sacrifice is enough to set the stage for a slip. That feeling, if left unchecked can fester and grow over time until you’re obsessing about smoking. It’s all in our perception! If you tell yourself that smoking has value and you’re making a big sacrifice by quitting, you’ll probably find yourself smoking again eventually.”

    BILL PEAK March 5, 2012 at 5:51 pm | | Reply

    Thanks for your comment Jerry. There are many good ideas for those who are ready to quit smoking from those of us who have succeeded. Sounds like you have also put much thought and time in to helping others see the light. Good for you and keep it up. Thanks again.

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