Every Good Marriage Relies on the Fun-damentals.

What’s the #1 remedy for a floundering sports team, business, or any organization for that matter? The successful ones always recover the same way…they get back to the fundamentals. After all…it’s what got them afloat in the first place. Anything worthwhile demands a solid foundation to stand, as well as build, on. Yes it’s all about the fundamentals.

A marriage is no different…think about it. When you were pursuing the one you now love, what did you use to draw her close? Fundamentals!
Chances are, you didn’t wait until Valentine’s Day to send her flowers or something else special…fundamentals. I’ll bet you sat through more than your share of chick flicks with a smile on your face as well, just to make her happy…more fundamentals. And I’ll wager a week’s pay you also helped her on with her coat…opened the car door for her, as well as kissed her goodnight after telling her how much you enjoyed the evening. You guessed it…more fundamentals. If you didn’t…you most certainly should have.

Listen…as husbands, we’re all busy doing our thing…helping to raise a family, climbing the ladder of success, or what have you. But what good is all of that if that’s where it stops?

Guys…there is nothing difficult to rocking her world a little, and believe me…a little goes a long, long way.

As a matter of fact, for those of you silently protesting why should I make the first move, I would remind you of this fundamental fact. For every action there’s a reaction. And when that action’s rooted in love…let’s just say, you better hold on tight. Now do I have your attention?

I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. I’m just reminding us all…never stray too far away from
the Fun-damentals.

This video is just because I like it…(must turn it up!)

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Bill Peak

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