Five Sensible Ways to Connect With The Present Moment

OK, I admit…I’m absolutely fascinated with everything there is to know about living in the present moment.

There have been countless words written on the subject. And believe me… I’ve spent many an hour pondering on each and every one of them. It seems the more I learn, the less I know.

I’m beginning to believe, this ol’ boy is making it out to be more difficult to comprehend than it really is.

It all boils down to this basic teaching…the present moment is where we’re meant to live…it’s where pure joy arises. The sixty four thousand dollar question is, “How does one find and, better yet, live in this present moment?”

I believe the answer begins with common sense…as a matter of fact, any one of the five: hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting or feeling. Concentrate on any one or combination of, and you’re automatically drawn to the present moment. Think about it.

In one of my earlier post, ”It’s perfect timing for the present moment,” I suggest by taking the time and feeling the rhythm of a given moment you’re in, opens a golden opportunity of recognizing its presence. For me…it works most every time. But it’s not the only way…not by a longshot.

For example, there are times life grabs us by the seat of the pants and throws us directly into the present via a first time experience.

And there is nothing like the first time…you know what I’m talking about.

It’s when a unique moment in life suddenly awakens a heightened awareness of every sight, sound, scent, taste and feeling surrounding its essence…often leaving its remnants lingering in your heart forever.

And what makes these first time moments so digital is that there are no expectations from past experiences cluttering its view.

Therefore, all that’s left is what is…or better said…The Present Moment…with all its grandeur.

Often, our first time experiences are so awesome we’ll go to great lengths trying our best to relive them. We create such rituals as family traditions, favorite vacation destinations and so on, trying to do so. And believe me…I’m guilty as charged.


While our heart may in the right place, this can easily backfire. In trying so hard to recreate a present moment from a past memory, we can sometimes completely fail to recognize its unique essence…thus completely missing both.

When we were kids, these first time moments were a dime a dozen as every experience was new and exciting. We literally could not get enough of them as our senses were constantly firing on all cylinders.

Then, somehow we transformed into so called sophisticated adults where habits and routines slowly replaced most all of the new and exciting…leaving every day present moments very difficult to recognize. Is it any wonder we long for them so much?

Actually…if you think about it, every single moment presents a new opportunity for a first time experience in its own right. If we just wake the hell up…sense the moment and quit comparing it to the past, we’ll fall into them…as we did as kids.

But if we continue to foolishly anticipate their arrival and expect mundane outcomes based on our past experiences, we’ll remain immune from ever experiencing their unique essence.

Have you ever wondered why the older you get, the faster time seems to pass?
We’re either present in the moment or distracted in thought…one of the two. While in thought, we’re either somehow preparing for the next moment at hand…which is a good thing, or unconsciously being consumed by idle thought, or worse yet, our self-imposed ills…worry, dread, fear, anxiety…you name it.

Our time spent in this unconscious state is completely lost forever. Dreadfully, the more time spent there, the faster life seems to pass.

I used to live close to a railroad track where the train would come through at the same time every day. The moment the train grew near, I would hear its whistle in the distance. As it roared closer, I’d feel its rumble and smell its diesel. While swiftly passing by, I could blindly count the cars by the oscillating rhythmic sound of its wheels against the flexing track.


But after a while, I grew accustomed to the ritual and slowly became unconscious of its arrival. Trains would come and go and I wouldn’t even notice.

It’s not a question of how to live in the present moment…we’re forever surrounded by it. No…it’s how do we connect with it?

We are fortunate that within each moment we have five opportunities to do so. We just need to have enough good sense…to make it happen.

Bill Peak

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  1. Sibyl
    Sibyl August 20, 2013 at 8:16 pm | | Reply

    I’m obsessed with being in the moment too because all of a sudden, I realized that I’m almost in my mid 40s. i remember being in the 20s forever. The 30s I don’t remember much of (so much drama going on) and now I’m settled but am 1/2 way through. Where did it all go. I remember a time I couldn’t wait to be grown up…I wish I didn’t waste my time wishing that.
    I love your blogs, so I don’t feel like I’m the only one waking up.
    Thanks for your wise words.
    By the way, awesome ending to your blog with the video and song. i started crying.

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