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A Personal Note

A Personal Note

My family and I spent the weekend moving my mother out of her home into an assisted living facility where she will hopefully finish out her years living with dignity and joy. Fifty-seven years ago Mom and Dad moved from downtown Louisville to the small town of “Jeffersontown” to raise their family. Little did Mom […]

Good Old Days…They’ll always be good.

Good Old Days verse 1: It’s a cold winters night and I’m driving home slow. Man it’s been a long day, it’s hard to let go. At last, I’m home, my refuge, where I’m treated like a king. Here I make the rules, they follow I’m the leader of this team. Chorus: Then I hear […]

Listen Gentlemen...She Is Not Just One of the Guys.

Listen Gentlemen…She Is Not Just One of the Guys.

  Listen gentlemen, there are three simple things you can do for your wife, and if it truly comes from the heart, it will catapult you from merely being a good husband to the distant honor of being the most wonderful man alive…at least in her eyes. First, you have to understand her reasoning process […]

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