Go Ahead…Make Her Day


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Go ahead…Make Her Day. 

The anticipation of receiving a gift is an added value you don’t want to leave out. Go ahead…make her day. Give her something to look forward to and you may have created an entire day full of excitement.

The gift could be as simple as a foot rub before bed or as elaborate as a night on the town. Again, it doesn’t matter what it is…it’s the anticipation which pays the dividends.

You could write down exactly what you’re going to give her on a piece of paper and leave it on the kitchen table as you leave for work. Or maybe send a text from the office telling her exactly what she can look forward to at the end of her day.

It just might be that special something which creates the spark and rekindles the flame. Who knows, you might even one day find a note of your own in your pants pocket. The anticipation is killing me. Go ahead…make her day.

Bill Peak

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