Happiness is a choice!

Happiness is a choice!

Ahhh…that wonderful feeling of happiness. You have a choice. You can either hope it happens, or you can make it happen.

I believe many people let life’s circumstances of the moment dictate their mood of the moment, and believe me, if you’re waiting for that perfect circumstance to make you happy, you might be waiting a very, very long time.

We can’t just will ourselves into a good mood, but we do have the power to begin the process of attracting happiness anytime we desire. It’s no secret. We all know what the catalyst is…it’s ATTITUDE! The sad thing is we so often pass up its golden opportunities.

Attitude is a choice.

I recall telling the kids, as I drove them to school, if you want to be in a good mood all day all you have to do is give away its ingredients which consists of a good attitude sprinkled with a “just right smile”, and before you know it, the “Law of Attraction will kick in and deliver the wonderful day you were looking for. And the added blessing is you usually get much more than you give. I don’t make this stuff up…it’s even in the Bible.

It boils down to this one simple truth. Happiness begets happiness. It’s contagious, so get infected then pass it on and watch it come roaring back home.

Here’s one last word on the subject. It is impossible to be in two moods at the same time. There is absolutely no room in your heart for sadness when joy is occupying its space…think about it…it just can’t happen.

So don’t wait around for life’s circumstances to make you happy. Take charge and start giving away as much joy as you possibly can, then reap the benefits as the dividends come pouring in. It works every time it’s tried.

I’m telling you…It won’t just happen…you have to Make it Happen!

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