How “Bad” Do You Want It?

How Bad Do You Want It?

My mother used to say, “God will give us what we need, so don’t worry about it.” Down to her core, she really believed that. She lived her life knowing that somehow she would be able to provide for her family…NO MATTER WHAT.

When times were tough, she would repeat the refrain “God will give us what we need, so don’t worry about it.” And sure enough, we got everything we needed, right down to the final detail. We never had to worry about it…we were sold. When times got a little lean, she would just work that much harder until her belief was fulfilled. And it always was.

She was fulfilled because she knew what she needed, believed she would get it, and pushed until she got it. There was absolutely no way her family was going to do without a roof over their heads, food in their bellies and clothes on their back.

You see, she believed so deeply that God would take care of her and her family’s NEEDS that she didn’t give it a second thought, nor did she care about how much effort she was giving in the process. She only knew she wouldn’t be denied and lived as she already had it. Her faith carried us through…no question about it, and she was content with that.

Now there are those who believe just as strongly that God will give them what they WANT. The process of achieving the outcome is exactly the same. The only difference is they replace the goal from need to want. The burning desire remains the same.

Those in this category know exactly what they want and they fully expect to get it. As a matter of fact they, too, refuse to be denied and they also live their lives as if they already have it. They have the exact same mindset as mom in that they will let nothing stand in their way of achieving their goals…nothing!

Both desires are realized because of the “Law of Attraction”…the gift that provides just what is needed at the precise time it’s needed due to an undeniable desire and belief to persevere.

If you are happy with what you need, praise God that you are fulfilled. All I am saying is take the time to dream of what you really want, convince yourself that you can’t live without it, then be aware of the “Law of Attraction” as it will guide you in the right direction.

There will be those who laugh…believe it anyway. There will be plenty of those who say you can’t…believe it anyway. There will be those days when you think you’re not good enough…double believe it anyway.

It won’t just happen…You have to Make it Happen!
Bill Peak


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