How To Quit Smoking With Pleasure

Quit smoking and I'll show you how

Quit smoking and I’ll show you how

You need to know of the excitement that awaits you as a nonsmoker and the better I’m able to paint this picture, the better the chances I have of convincing you of trying to quit smoking.

I failed to quit smoking 30 years ago…you can too.

So the first step to quit smoking, or any other endeavor for that matter, is to get past the idea that a failure equals a defeat…because it DOESN’T! It’s just an opportunity to regroup, learn from your previous mistakes, and tune up your desire to prepare to get started again.

Remember your first smoke

Smoking…Takes More Willpower To Start Than Stop

I want you to see it for what it is. As you start the process of eliminating cigarettes from your life, you’ll have to throw logic out the window just as you did when you started smoking.

Does Smoking Make You Happy…Really? “Entry 1”

Now I submit to you, your #1 obstacle which keeps you from living the joy of your dreams is that dirty little cigarette demanding to be smoked.

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