It Feels Good To Be Happy.

Which statement rings truer for you?
1) Feeling good makes me happy.
2) Being happy makes me feel good.
Feels Good To Be Happy

At first glance, I felt the two were reciprocal, but after thinking it through, I discovered a missing link.

When I’m feeling good, happiness abounds… joy arises in everything I see and do. Many everyday problems simply give way to manageable solutions. Life is very good in those moments. Feeling good puts everything in perspective and yes… makes me happy… very happy.

Being happy, on the other hand, is a wonderful state of mind, but if I’m feeling tired, rundown, sluggish, achy, sorry for myself, or plain bored, chances are… in that moment… my blessings aren’t even on my radar. It’s as if something’s missing.

It’s not enough for me just be happy. Happiness requires energy to make the joy of living come to life. You see…energy makes you feel good, and feeling good intensifies happiness… and often, even creates it. When I’m feeling good, I can think of countless reasons why I should be happy… when feeling badly… not so.

The saddest people I know sit around lethargic, constantly thinking about how unhappy they are. The little energy they do have is consumed reinforcing how badly they feel, as their every ache and pain is surely a precursor to a dreadful disease. This mindset can spiral out of control faster than quick. When left unchecked, it can lead far beyond feeling unhappy. Honestly… this way of thinking has an uncanny way of contaminating a tired and weary mind… and don’t think for a minute you’re immune… it can happen to anyone.

Face it… we’ve all had our bouts. The other day, I was in such a funk, I didn’t want to happy… I just wasn’t in the mood to be. The fact was… I was tired, and run down from lack of sleep and not eating right… duh!!! A good night’s rest, some sensible eating, the morning sunshine and a little exercise, put me back on track.

Energy is a God given blessing which arises from motion, then in turn, quickly transforms into feeling good. This blessing, when vigorously used, actually reproduces itself. Don’t you just love miracles? And as with most all God’s blessings, such as love, happiness, etc… the refrain remains the same. You’ve heard the tune before.

The more you give… the more you get.

You can’t cheat this rule… believe me, I’ve tried. But, when I suck it up… turn it up and sing it loud… life’s song makes me feel good… which most always brings out the best of me and… Makes Me Happy!

What makes you feel like you’re on top of the world?
Click video below… you’ll be happy you did.

Bill Peak

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  1. Sibyl
    Sibyl September 1, 2014 at 8:00 am | | Reply

    Bill, so true. When I’m tired, it is just so very hard to be “happy”. So you’re right about that happiness is an energy. Steve and I left for vacation Saturday. Things happened….they cancelled our flight, we had to get another ticket, had a longer wait in Charlotte, got to HH late, couldn’t sleep at the airport or the plane (so uncomfortable)…by the time we got here, we were so tired, we couldn’t even get happy being here. it took a whole day to catch up with sleep and actually be excited to be here.
    Thank you for the blog. I love it when you put my thought in writing!!!

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