The Moments Present…is Our Memory

We are, at any given moment, surrounded with blessings so magnificent it takes seven God given senses, working in perfect harmony, to intercept their layers of delicacy. It’s easy to see how a single, present moment creates a memory for a lifetime.

Mom and I…present

Mom and I…memory

As life progresses and transforms us, it’s sometimes difficult to move forward, believing we have to let go of the past in order to do so. On the contrary…if completely letting go was a prerequisite for moving forward, the wonderful memories would have no purpose.

Present moments and past memories need each other to survive and flourish. It’s not possible to have the fullness of one without the other, but they can’t occupy the same space at the same time either. Understand this paradox and learn to keep the two in balance…and your cup will runneth over.

A memory to a moment is like a fragrance to a flower. As delightful and unique as it is…there’s plenty more where that came from. God spoils us big time.

You wouldn’t let that magnificent, one-of-a-kind sunrise you enjoyed this morning keep you from looking toward the east at dawn tomorrow for another just as unique and wonderful, would you?…of course not! Well, why expect anything less as your life progresses to a new day?

Leslie and I…wonderful memory

Leslie and I…Present

I for one…don’t wanna miss a thing…for the moments present…is our memory.

Bill Peak

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