Motivation Brings Out The Best

cat•a•lyst: A substance that causes and/or speeds up a chemical reaction, without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change.

What if there was such a catalyst that would interact with the chemicals in our brains responsible for creativity, confidence, and taking action…thereby speeding up the process of seeing things through to fruition?

In other words…putting us on a fast track to anything we decide we really want.

Wow!!…the applications would be mind-boggling. Transforming dreams to reality, sadness to joy, failures to successes, depression to “peace of mind”, “glass ceilings” to “the sky’s the limit”…you name it.

Well, not only does this catalyst exist, it’s forever available to anyone…anytime…anywhere. And for those with an unquenchable thirst for life, who don’t mind a little hard work…let’s just say…their cup overflows.Motivation, Overflows

Alex…I’ll take “Pieces of Heaven Right Here on Earth” for $500.00.

“This almost life giving catalyst, when laced with the chemicals in the brain, is responsible for achieving all the above and more solely for the purpose of enriching the life of its occupant”.

What is motivation? Absolutely correct! 

Nurture it…challenge it…squeeze it for all it’s worth…and its power will shatter all your self-imposed limitations. Waste it…and watch life pass you by, one reality show after another. Why would you ever want to waste such a blessing?

The problem, as I see it, is just plain sad. Far too many people refuse to believe such a power exists, or worse yet…believe it does, but only for a select few.

As a result, they allow this beautiful rose to whither on the vine rather than giving it a chance to blossom. And the hard reality is…if you don’t nurture it, it will indeed die…pure and simple.

There are those who try to justify their inactions by attributing great accomplishments to shear talent. They echo such absurdities as, “I’m not good enough to do that,” or “it’s easy for her to do…she has talent.” I’ve even heard them say, “I would give anything to be able to do that.” Really?

This defeatism, when reinforced over and over again, tragically begins to brainwash its victim into actually believing that he or she just isn’t good enough. If this describes you…STOP IT…JUST STOP IT!

Let’s get something straight.

  • Talent is a God given ability to be able do something extraordinarily well.
  • Motivation is a God given ability to be able do something extraordinarily well.

Without motivation, you’ll never experience your talents…for they will remain dormant forever.  And worse yet…your inaction gives others the power to define you. Talk about tragic. Look at how many people invest eight precious hours of their lives, each and every day, working at a job they absolutely hate.

Yeah Baby

However, with motivation…yeah baby. Hold on tight…you’re in for the ride of your life, deciding for yourself, just how far you want to go, what you want to do, and who you want to do it with.

For crying out loud…Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper for “lacking imagination” and “having no original ideas.” Get the picture?

Some have made millions writing “how to books” because many believe it’s the “how to” which separates them from what they want from life. This kind of thinking is 180 degrees out of phase.

It’s not about the “how to”…it’s all about the “wanting to”.

And as this “wanting to” arises…our catalyst…motivation, awakens.

• What do you want from life?
• What gets you excited?
• What is it that you can’t live without?
• Who is it you would do anything for?

“What” is wonderful and necessary but, our defining question is…WHY?

Define WHY with emotion, and you will have unleashed the tiger…motivation.  Let it roar and before long, you won’t need that “how to book” to get what you want.

You see…as motivation builds, it begins to empower your confidence…releasing energy which is almost palpable.  And at this point, the lines between hard work and play disappear, as everything you need, as you need it, almost magically appears.

By the way…this phenomenon is often referred to as The Law of Attraction. I like to think of it as…“we get what we give”. And what could be more fair?

So…WHY not…fire up some motivation!

I realize, for most of you who read my blogs, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.  At best, it serves as some sort of a wake-up call if you will…at least I hope so.

But I have an ulterior motive here…and quite honestly, it’s the heart and soul of why I blog.

growing up the hard way

There are those who for one reason or another are growing up the hard way.  Let’s just say, to put it pleasantly, their personal mentors are scarce to nonexistent.

So…while their friends are being nurtured, learning life’s lessons from those who love and care about them, these kids are pretty much left alone to fend for themselves…many times learning from those even worse off.

Most likely, they’re not finishing high school. In many cases, alcohol, drugs, peers, as well as raw negativity, rule their day.
In my early years, I had called such people…close friends. I know how they think and they don’t react well to those who want to help them.

Because they’ve lost almost all respect for authority, to earn their trust is next to impossible.  In fact, when offered help…most completely reject it.  And therein lies the challenge.

I honestly would give my right arm to be able to get through to a few of these kids.

Two years ago when my brother Mark first learned of my blog and its purpose, he told me it was a wonderful idea, but it would be very difficult to attract my target audience.

Well, my dear brother…you might very well be right. But all I need is one.

Motivation, Mentor

I’ve been taught that to get what I want, I need to live as if I already have it. So…I will write as if I have thousands of target readers. And in the meantime, it will be great therapy for me.

If anyone knows anybody who could use a little uplifting, find a way to send them to

You just might be the catalyst which precipitates the change in someone’s life…think about that.

Who knows…with a little hard work, and motivation they just might be another Walt Disney someday. I can’t help it…I think big.

Bill Peak
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  1. Sibyl
    Sibyl September 30, 2013 at 8:20 pm | | Reply

    This reply box is a little different. Oh, well.
    Anyway, so true, so true, so true. I read this blog and couldn’t help but constantly nod my head. i agree with all that you said. Without motivation, there’s not much life there. You have to be motivated by something everyday of your life to just even get out of bed. Life would be so boring without it.
    Thank you for your wise words.

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