Play Life to the Fullest

As I see it, those who appear to be the most happy view their goals not so much as destinations, but as guide posts leading from one transformation to another. As obstacles arise, they are seen as nothing more than teachable moments which inspire new beginnings. Yes, those who are the happiest relish the journey as they play life to the fullest.

Michael Jordan, even at the pinnacle of his career, would spend countless hours in an empty Chicago Stadium perfecting his shot, long after the cheering fans were gone.

When Tiger Woods came to my home town in 2000 to compete in the PGA, he was seen at the end of the day, long after the competition departed, practicing putts he missed earlier. By the way…he won the tournament.

Joe Bonamassa, one of the finest up and coming blues guitarists in the world, often continues practicing riffs until his fingers bleed.

I don’t believe for one minute these guys ever viewed practicing as a burden…for being burdened playing a game one loves does not compute. No, they have learned to remain childlike for the passion of the game. That is…they’ve allowed themselves the addiction of the moment they’re lost in.

Most of us are too busy with our lives to have the luxury of getting lost in a game we love…or are we? Well, that depends whether or not we truly love the game of life we’re living.

What’s your game? Maybe it’s dancing…acting…your family…job…or hobby.
Do you have passion for the game?
What’s more important to you than you? Maybe it’s your spouse and kids.
Who or what would you bleed for?
What is it you can lose track of time doing?

Life is meant to be lived…not watching someone else do so. Playing life to the fullest, is an action sport; happiness is the byproduct. So find out what turns you on…what moves you to tears…what you would go to the edge, then jump off for.

GET IN THE GAME and Play Life to the Fullest!!

Bill Peak
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