Quitting Smoking Without Fear

The fear of the unknown stops more people from quitting smoking than anything else…and understandably so.

Look at what we’re told. First…they label it as an addiction…I know it technically is…so is eating chocolate…but comparing it to the likes of cocaine? Give me a break. That does nothing more than further validate our fears and excuses for not even trying to quit.

Next, they tell us even if we wanted to stop, we probably couldn’t do so without some sort of patch or drug, which by definition is nothing more than an alternative method of consuming what we’re trying to quit. I don’t get it…didn’t we just transfer the source of the problem?

And if that’s not enough to keep us a two pack a day smoker…maybe this will seal the deal. There’s information out there describing the early withdrawl pains as excruciating…again…likened to cocaine withdrawl. In other words…they all but tell us…quitting smoking is impossible.

BULL $%&*!!!
I did it and I’m telling you nothing can be further from the truth. Is quitting smoking difficult? You bet…but not any more than what you put yourself through choking them down in the first place. Please don’t tell me I’m stronger than you…because again I’ll say BS.

I was a two pack a day smoker for many years. I, like many, tried and failed to quit more times than I care to count. I began each morning coughing my head off and blamed it on allergies. I swore up and down I could quit anytime I wanted. Well…looking back…that ended up being a very profound statement.

Here is what I’ve learned. Remove the unknown and the fear will dissipate. As the fear dissipates, hope and confidence arises which opens up a place to begin.

Over simplified? Maybe…but it’s what I had to do to beat it. Desire coupled with relevant information and trusted mentors helped transfer the power back to where it belonged…me.

Think about it…we live in our minds. If we are convinced we can achieve something…come hell or high water, it’s going to happen. But…there’s a catch…it works both ways. It’s time to decide. When the student is ready…the teacher will appear.

Bill Peak
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