School of Hard Knocks

Early Dad...hard headed

What Would You Give To Be Happy?

Life is not fair. It never was nor will it ever be…done. Again, we all have our stories. Stop reliving the bad chapters and begin writing some new ones…you’re the author. If you don’t…all you’ll have left is to read others, all the while complaining…life isn’t fair.

"The Secret” to a new beginning

“The Secret” to a new beginning

Draw a line in the sand. As you cross over, swallow your pride and completely let go of the past. It’s time to become a control freak…a “control of your life” freak that is. Accept full responsibility for everything that happens to you from this moment on.

Your child’s well-being is yours to lose.

Your child’s well-being is yours to lose.

This family, regardless of its twisted nature, replaces the one missing at home. It provides a sense of value. The problem is obvious…her upside-down family provides upside-down values…as the proverbial snowball rolls along…growing out of control.

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