School of Hard Knocks

Your child’s well-being is yours to lose.

Your child’s well-being is yours to lose.

This family, regardless of its twisted nature, replaces the one missing at home. It provides a sense of value. The problem is obvious…her upside-down family provides upside-down values…as the proverbial snowball rolls along…growing out of control.

“School of Hard Knocks”

“School of hard knocks” is an educational experience of which no one in their right mind would seek on their own.  Sadly, it’s life’s void which generally draws the student in before he realizes he’s there…usually at a very young, tender age. You see…the “school of hard knocks” isn’t an institution at all.  There are […]

Divorce Through the Eyes of a Child

I’m not judging your individual situation. I’m just showing you what it looks like through the eyes of a child. If you’ve been through it, you know what I say is true. If you haven’t…trust me on this one.

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