Smarter Goals Are Sustainable…How & Why

Over the years I have often given up while tackling goals because of minor setbacks. I wouldn’t leave wiggle room for mistakes so, when I made one, I would easily lose my resolve.

“Smarter Goals” are sustainable.

Fortunately…through failures come wisdom…and with wisdom I’ve learned that sustainable goals are achieved by having smarter goals.  Therefore, I have since changed my tactics…not so much to factor in mistakes, but to adopt the “half of something is better than all of nothing” approach.
Granted…we all get knocked down from time to time going after what we want.  But it’s the survivors who not only get back up, but in the process, adapt and apply new strategies for staying on their feet.

Such strategies are limited only by our imaginations and determination.  Taking the time to develop smarter goals not only greatly enhances the odds for long term success, but also builds confidence along the way.

For instance…a goal to change your life doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do a 180…maybe just a fine tune is all that’s needed.  Here are some techniques which have worked for me.

  • Try meeting your goal half way.  In many cases, half way may actually be all you need.  In the case of trying to give up something altogether…I suggest this approach. Example: I realize if I give up desserts my waistline would shrink…duh.  The problem is…I love sweets.  Thus my half way approach: Whenever I have dessert, I enjoy it to the fullest because the next day I go without.  With this method I have killed two birds with one stone.  I eliminate at least half of my caloric intake from desserts and at the same time, continue to enjoy something I love.  Now here comes the payoff …and anyone who has successfully quit something can back me up on this one.  “The less you partake…the less you want”…it’s a fact.  Give it two months and you’ll see what I mean.

    One step at a time.

  • Don’t drastically change your life…fine tune it one month at a time.  Small achievable goals are all you need to renew some balance.  Be easy on yourself and space them out one month at a time…it’s a piece of cake… (Hum…did I have dessert yesterday?)  Here’s a suggestion: write a single goal every month that will “fine tune” your life and as you do…abundance will enter in. Notice I didn’t say change your life…just “fine tune” it…big difference.  Major changes are difficult, but “fine tuning”…that suggests smarter goals…which are much more doable.  String three or four months of these ideas together and watch your life change for the better…big time.

A sports analogy might say it best.  It’s not the big plays which produce the lasting results…it’s executing the FUNDAMENTALS…i.e. smarter goals.

Ideas to get you started

1.    January: Begin each morning with a motivational/inspirational quote.  It can set the tone for the entire day.
2.    February: Begin the habit of opening the car door for your wife…simple but very effective.
3.    March: Read for enjoyment half an hour every other day.
4.    April: Enhance a skill you love.  If you play an instrument…run scales 10 minutes a day.
5.    May: Tell your husband you love him every single day.
6.    June: Make a date night with your spouse once a month.  Put it on the calendar.
7.    July: Take at least 10 minutes each day to settle down and be still in the moment.
8.    August: Call you mom every day…every other day if she’s a talker.
9.    September: Walk a half an hour…three times a week.

A little corny…absolutely!  But it works!  What have you got to lose?  Better than that…what have you got to gain?

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Bill Peak

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  1. Alysson
    Alysson September 9, 2012 at 4:51 pm | | Reply

    I think my goals during the sumemr are definitely going to be reading.Another goal of mine is to try and work on my math. Even know I don’t really like math I want to do good in it.Remembering is my other goal. I need to remember how to solve problems and know how to get answer’s for next year! Hopefully I do because I usually forget most of the time.I need to improve in math the most and will be trying my hardest for next year. I want to finish a couple of chapter books during the sumemr.Next year I have to put all my focus into school and Recess and Lunch I can talk to my friends not during class. I think if I worked on that I could definitely do better in school.

    1. BILL PEAK
      BILL PEAK September 21, 2012 at 8:39 am | | Reply

      Alysson…sounds as you have some wonderful goals. What do you want to become as an adult?


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