Smoker’s Greatest Illusion

As a smoker, you believe tobacco delivers a heightened feeling of relaxation which can’t be achieved by any other means.  Therefore, your fear of losing its bliss keeps you addicted.  This has to be the smoker’s greatest illusion.

I too very much believed this farce when I smoked.  I still recall the first day quitting smoking. Countless times, out of habit, I would reach in my front shirt pocket for a smoke, only to find it empty.  This constantly reminded me there were no cigarettes to help me relax.  As this thought escalated to a panic, I repeatedly asked myself…what else is there?

From my nicotine dependence, I truly believed any relaxation that came to my life was derived from the cigarettes I smoked…and no one could convince me differently.  It was at this point I would succumb and light up.

I have since found out, only after succeeding to quit, it was the addiction itself which kept me from relaxing.
Here’s the cruel reality.  As the addicted body is starved of nicotine, it becomes extremely agitated until it’s once again fed what it craves.  And by doing so, things settle down as the illusion of relaxing is achieved.

Now, as a non-smoker, I have found I can naturally relax most all the time…and I don’t need a smoke to get me there.
The fact is our bodies are naturally in a relaxed state.   If you think about it, they only become agitated as they begin craving any addiction they’re subjected to…in this case, nicotine.

The mind and body are extremely resilient.  They can be reconditioned to any point…even the point before smoking…though it will take as much time and desire to dissolve the habit as it did to begin.  Thankfully, each day becomes easier than the one before.

Tobacco delivers nothing more than the illusion of relaxation, existing only between the nicotine fits which become closer and closer the longer you’re addicted.

As you take action to rid your body of nicotine, and the cravings associated with it, you will again begin to achieve the natural, long lasting feeling of relaxation you deserve.
Bill Peak
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