Strength Training Exercise

A little strength training exercise is the third and most exciting leg of my three part series on how to look and feel your best…the first two being “the 10% rule” and “walking/jogging”.

I believe strength training exercise is the most exciting because it’s the quickest and most fun way to actually see results…just two or three weeks produces definition you didn’t have.

Before I scare you away…strength training doesn’t necessarily mean joining a gym and lifting free weights. That’s the route I chose but I know plenty of others who train much differently and get great results just the same.

Here are some examples of strength training exercises and other fun ways to work out without setting foot in a gym:

• Abs

• Chest and arms

• Legs, back and rear.

• Curls

• Zumba

Some women fear strength training exercises will produce masculine muscle mass. Don’t worry…it won’t. Even if you wanted muscles like a man…it just won’t happen…nature took care of that already. What it will do is distribute your weight to all the right places and make you look fabulous.

In the last three blogs, I have discussed three different methods which lead to a healthier, happier life style…the 10% rule, walking/jogging, and strength training. Why not go ahead and pick one and get started.

1. Any one of the three will benefit you.
2. Any two of the three will change your life for the better.
3. Do all three and you’ll always look and feel 10 to 20years younger…and I’m not joking.
4. You can switch them up to keep from getting bored…the key is to keep moving…keep moving.
The reality is…while you’re young…30 and under…you pretty much are going to feel great no matter what you do…you can’t hardly screw it up. Believe me when I was young, I did it all…then I got lucky as life woke me up…but that’s another story for another blog.

You won’t feel 30 forever…but you could for another 30 to 40 years if you wise up and use what God gave you. Here’s what I believe…and I believe it because I’ve done it…and still do it.

If you smoke…stop! If you don’t eat right or workout…start! You don’t have to kill yourself with this stuff. Just do a little bit of it at first…you’ll slowly get used to it…and before long…it will become a habit you won’t be able to do without.

Here’s the payoff…as the years go by, you won’t notice getting older. I’m turning 60 next month…and I can honestly say…I feel 20 to 30 years younger. How much longer will it last…I can’t say, but I’ll let you know.

p.s. I personally like working out in a gym because it’s a wonderful place to focus. With music in your ears providing the motivation, others realize you’re there, not to socialize but to work out, and will leave you alone. I get in and out of there in under an hour….though a half hour is good enough.

Listen…it doesn’t matter how you get it done. Your way may be totally different and better than mine. The bottom line here is to MOVE IT…MOVE IT, and keep MOVING IT! Period, amen!

Bill Peak
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