Strengthening the Body

Strength Training Exercise

Here’s the payoff…as the years go by, you won’t notice getting older. I’m turning 60 next month…and I can honestly say…I feel 20 to 30 years younger. How much longer will it last…I can’t say, but I’ll let you know.

Feeling Great is Just a Walk in the Park.

Feeling Great is Just a Walk in the Park.

Bottom line: God gave us free will…something we say we would die to protect.  Fine…the problem as I see it is…too many don’t understand its ramifications.  It comes with a personal responsibility you know.  The fact is…good things don’t just happen.  You have to use this free will to make them happen…and if you don’t, they simply won’t…end of story.

Dad's 10% Rule...You Can Do It!

Dad’s 10% Rule…You Can Do It!

In closing…you have complete 100% control over how you look and feel. If you give this 10% challenge thing a real shot, you will soon discover what I say is true. What have you got to lose? Sorry…I couldn’t resist.

Getting ready for the Ironman/Ironwoman

Tribute to Suzanne…our Ironwoman

I can only imagine the inner struggles that took place during the weak moments…the cold winter mornings…the sore joints…the hot summer afternoons…the cold swims…the metaphorical brick walls. And to think…not one weak link broke…absolutely amazing.

I Found the Key to Happiness...I Made Copies

I Found the Key to Happiness…I Made Copies

I found the key to happiness while working through one of the most difficult illnesses of my life…”Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”. And without its two year struggle, I can honestly say, I would have never stumbled over it.

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