I Thank You

As I dressed for work this morning, all my clothes were clean and either folded or neatly hung in the closet, awaiting my arrival.  I didn’t clean or arrange those clothes. Just wanted to say I noticed. I thank you.

After getting dressed, I went into the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. The coffee pot was clean and ready.  I didn’t do that. I thank you.

When I checked my blog, as I do each morning, I read a complimentary comment which a loyal subscriber took the time to write. That…inspired me to write more.  I thank you.

As I walked through the family room to leave the house for work, I enjoyed the fall decorations which brightened my spirits.  I didn’t have a thing to do with that. It made my day.  I thank you.

There was the most beautiful sunrise this morning burning the horizon.  It was just one of those everyday miracles…no big deal. I thank you.

I thank you  Sunrise

While driving down the road, wanting to change lanes, a woman ever so slightly slowed down to let me in. I noticed that.  I thank you.

My first sales call of the morning was with a customer, who I could tell was unusually busy, but never the less, he took the time to give me a minute. Again…I noticed that.  I thank you.

When my daughter text me this morning, she ended her message with…“I love you dad”.  I paused and smiled. I thank you.


During my guitar lesson today, my instructor gave me an extra 10 minutes.  He didn’t have to do that.  I thank you.

Out of the blue, while in route to help a client, I received a blessing. It was a very short lived, but intense feeling of peace.  For no apparent reason, I recalled a wonderful moment my wife and I had while on our family vacation this past summer.  Yes, as I said, it was short lived…but how nice.  I thank you.

After working out in the gym at the end of the day, I received that familiar rush of energy, which sustained me for the remainder of the evening.  Again…just one of those everyday miracles.  I thank you.

For the joy of coming home at the end of the day, sharing a drink and a story or two, with the woman I love…who cares more about her family than herself…I thank you.

Moments such as these, I am blessed with every day. The fact is…I generally take them for granted.  The blessing is…the angels in my life who give so freely, allow me to take them for granted.

But this day is different. This day…I say…I thank you.

If you enjoyed reading this post, would you please send it to two of your friends?  I thank you.

Bill Peak

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  1. Sibyl
    Sibyl November 14, 2013 at 8:53 pm | | Reply

    Another great topic. You know, there are just certain days that I do that too….just stop and actually think about that particular moment I’m in. I seem to be doing it more and more…it helps that your blog inspire me to do that. Thank you again for reminding me about the MANY blessings we have EVERYDAY. Lately at work, I start to get upset because it’s so busy, but I immediately stop myself and remind myself what a great job I have and how great it is that I am doing something I love to do. It keeps me from going being to anxious and then I start to slow down and just enjoy every moment I have with each patient and co-worker. Same with the traffic. I get upset that I’m sitting in traffic, but then I remind myself that this is what life is all about…people scurrying around doing they’re part to make the world go round.
    Thank you again for making me stop and appreciate all these little gifts from GOD.

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