“The Present Moment”…Love it, Live it.

Being aware of The Present Moment, though it has great value, pales in comparison to actually being in it.

You can become aware of The Present Moment by simply finding a peaceful place to relax as you slowly begin taking a couple of deep breaths while methodically letting go of the chaotic thoughts of the day. Then sure enough, like a 3D stereogram, that elusive moment you’ve been longing for begins to come into focus only to vanish as that thought from nowhere rushes in to take its space.

Can you see the Love?

Can you see the Love?

After repeating this process a couple of times, you will find just the awareness of The Present Moment will rejuvenate you.

The sad fact is there is only one ingredient lacking which keeps you from transcending into The Present Moment…and that ingredient is love.

I say to you…when you fall in love with the moment…you’re in.
Think of the times life grabs us and hurls us into The Present Moment. It could be suddenly noticing a brilliant red sunset, or maybe unexpectedly hearing a favorite song coming on the radio, or catching the faint scent of a fragrance that takes you back to a fond memory.

Although these are brief excursions, they are each a unique, wonderful journey in The Present Moment and in each situation, it was a deep love that fueled the event.

Now let’s take it to the next paradigm where you love the moment so much that time seems to stand still. It’s when you’re said to be “in the groove”, or “in the zone”, or lost in your work, or lost in your play as we so often were as kids. It’s when thoughts come pouring in effortlessly, as clear as a bell, as hours go by like minutes…we sometimes even forget to eat and or sleep.

So love your work, love your play, love someone, love a hobby…love something with all your heart as you live in The Present Moment.
Present moment
Make these moments the time to remember… cause they will not last forever.

Bill Peak

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