“The Secret” to a new beginning

The “school of hard knocks” is a rough place.  Once you’re there, you have to go through it in order to get through it, and I’m here to tell you…you’ll graduate only if and when you’ve had enough.  This blog is my commencement speech for all new and want-to-be graduates.

Life isn’t fair.  We are not created equal…not even close, and the sooner you accept this fact, the sooner you’ll adapt and flourish.

Listen…you don’t get to choose who your parents are…you don’t get to choose the economic class you’re born into…your sex, or skin color.  What you do get to choose is how you react to any situation life throws your way…so think long and hard as you face this fork in the road and choose wisely.

You can elect to continue wallowing in your rut, finding comfort in being a victim, and by the way, life has absolutely no problem letting you do just that.  In fact, our government will gladly help you if you so desire…take a ticket, take a seat.

You can, on the other hand, decide here and now to cut your losses and set yourself free from all the %*&#ing crap life has thrown your way…and there’s no better time to break away than now.

Draw a line in the sand.  As you cross over, swallow your pride and completely let go of the past.  It’s time to become a control freak…a “control of your life” freak that is.  Accept full responsibility for everything that happens to you from this moment on.  I’m not saying blame yourself for whatever life has dealt you, but I am saying let go of it completely…all blame…all anger, all revenge and whatever else you associate with it.  This mindset alone can be exhilarating. If you don’t, you will forever remain a victim, bringing up the rear for the rest of your life.

Ironically, the more difficult your past, the stronger you’ll become, because the wisdom you take from its entanglement will give you a unique perspective on life that money can’t buy…believe me, it will serve you well.

It’s absolutely amazing how life unfolds once you’re all in.  You become so in tune to persevere…doors which seemed closed in the past almost magically begin to open as guardian angels and opportunities suddenly appear in your life.

No, this is not mystical at all.  These open doors and angels were always there…you were just too troubled to notice them.  You see, it’s impossible to let the light in while being consumed with darkness…this is why it’s imperative to draw and cross over the line first.

How do you find the magic bullet to happiness?  Here’s The Secret 
Bill Peak
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