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  1. Sibyl
    Sibyl January 27, 2014 at 5:50 am | | Reply

    Bill, another great posting. I too think my best in the morning, while drinking coffee. If you’ve noticed, all my reponses are in the early morning. I’m usually up before 5 AM, sometimes I exercise a little, but most of the time, I’m completing an assignment for school. I chose this time because my mind is at its clearest and sharpest at this time. Steve thinks I’m making it all up. But I kid you not, I can write at least half my paper in the morning and only 1 paragraph in the evening.

    There is lots clutter in my head…all the time….I am constantly thinking about the things that I have to do (this happens during mass too, bad, I know). So what I do sometimes is write it al down (list form). That way, I put it on paper so that it does not occupy my mind and it just feels good to cross it out when I’m done with it.

    Thanks again for a great posting. Keep them coming

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