Two Simple Steps in Getting Anything You Desire.

Two simple steps in getting anything you desire…and anyone can do it.

1.    You need to know what you want.
2.    You need to want it.

Allow me to illustrate.  Answer the following questions…honestly.

•    Could you, without a doubt, run a marathon (26.2 miles) six months from today?
•    Could you if…your house would be paid off in full as you crossed the finished line?
•    Could you if…your child was kidnapped and you were guaranteed to get her back unharmed as you crossed the finish line?

You not only could…but you would…without a doubt…you would…you would find a way.

The extreme examples above are meant to grab your attention in order to illustrate this truth:  desire + emotion = anything you want.  In the second example above, the desire to run the marathon is fueled via the emotions triggered by the euphoria associated with having no mortgage.  Without a doubt…emotion is the key factor.  You see…when unadulterated emotion is attached to a desire, an almost magical ease of accomplishment arises attracting whatever is needed for success.

I’m not talking about just wanting something…I’m talking about…got to have it as if your life depended on it…literally.  If you can’t operate on this level, you don’t want it bad enough.  That’s okay…most people don’t.  Just look around.  I didn’t say it would be easy getting anything you desire…I said it would be simple.  It’s like taking candy from a baby…providing you loooooooove candy.

Think about what you desire from life…no glass ceilings here.  The more you long for it, the easier it will be to conjure up the emotion needed to attract success.  Your primary job is to cultivate a ton of emotion and spread it throughout your desire each and every day.  Your desire is the destination, but the emotion is the journey…enjoy the ride.

Here’s where we learn from each other.  Since emotion is the key to success and emotions are limited only by our imaginations…I would like to pick your brain for some emotional ideas. What is it that emotivates…just made that word up…or inspires you to push through comfort zones which stand between you and where you want to be?

Bill Peak
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