What’s 35 years between old friends… absolutely nothing!

Have you ever thought about calling an old friend who you haven’t seen in years only to balk in thinking too many years have passed by to possibly have anything left in common to talk about?  This scenario has played out for me many times, though the tables were turned as I saw it from a different point of view.

Well, an old friend called me today and, within the first two minutes, the past 35 years seemed to dissipate as if we were picking up on a conversation we were having only couple of weeks ago.  We weren’t so much reminiscing old times as much as we were comparing and sharing our current moments…the love of work and the joy of our families…especially, our kids and grandkids. Yes, I said grandkids…where did the time go?  We had some laughs, shared a few stories, relived a couple memories and then, just as quick as it began, the moment was over.  But my priceless flashbacks were just beginning.

• Our apartment
• Early 70’s
• Girlfriends…in my case, girlfriend
• Working hard and playing hard
• Weekend rock concerts
• Poker, loud music, cigarettes, cold beer, and whatever
• Friends coming and going
• Bensel’s four egg omelets on Saturday mornings
• Your famous cheesy corn…(man, I loved it)
• That’s enough…my kids read this blog.

I’m sure time has changed us…or has it?  It seems, in the early days, we were just trying to find our way.  After speaking with you today it seems our destinations ended up pretty much the same with an emphasis on “love of family”.  I suppose our core values that brought us together as friends in the first place has sustained and served us well into our late 50’s…did I say late 50’s…you gotta be kidding.

So, the answer to the above question is no. Time has changed our lives but not our core and therefore, it has not changed us. Whenever you are with a true friend…time stands still…even the past 35 years. So go ahead and make that call.  I’m glad Bill did.

Bill Peak
ps: To my old friend Bill…this one’s for you.

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