Why finding the “present moment” is the key to instantly rejuvenating our minds

Taking time to find the “present moment”, if only for a couple of minutes, is as essential to rejuvenating our minds as stretching is for cooling down and renewing our muscles.

As we vigorously exercise a muscle group to fatigue, the act of stretching renews blood flow which delivers nourishment and improves circulation for expedient repair. In addition it relaxes tight, tense muscles which aids in relieving stress. Not a bad bang for your buck.

Our minds, too, are subject to overload in the same manner as our muscles…by overusing to fatigue. As we stretch and relax our muscles…strength is regained. Taking the time to void our thoughts in finding the “present moment”, our mental awareness is refreshed as the process instantly rejuvenates our mind…its affects resemble a “power nap.”

Three ways to capture the “present moment”

1. Simply relax in a cool, comfortable, quiet place…take a few deep breaths as you void your mind from all thought. As one creeps in, just let it go. Slowly concentrate on your breathing…and just be. You’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel in as little as 10 to 15 minutes.

2. Voiding the mind of all thought is the key to finding this elusive “present moment”…which may be easier said than done. The following technique helps me a bunch. Refer to #1 but concentrate on relaxing every muscle in your body…one at a time. Starting with your face, relax your forehead one muscle at a time until you get to your neck. Now work down from your shoulders to your hands…then the chest, stomach, hips, legs and feet…take your time. If you are able to focus on relaxing one muscle at a time, there’ll be no room for other thoughts to interfere…thus the “present moment” will appear. As you become completely relaxed, notice nothing but your immediate surroundings for as long as you are able.

3. The so called “present moment” is nothing more than a fine, continuous line of reality nestled smack dab between memories of the past and worries or plans for the future. With some effort, there are many ways to walk this line but for many it’s problematic and can only be located by other means…such as alcohol or drugs. That’s why they’re so popular. I’m not saying it’s wrong to have a cold beer, or glass of wine…I do it myself at the end of the day sometimes to take the edge off as I enjoy the moment. But if it’s the only way you get a glimpse…well, let’s just say…you’re cheating yourself big-time.

Listen…I’m still trying to figure all this out myself though at times I feel the more I learn…the less I know. As for now…here’s the way I see it. Live life to the fullest with every ounce of your being…but understand, there’s a time to stop and recharge…in order not to burn out.

Make no mistake…the most productive among us are those who use both their minds and bodies to their fullest potential.
The smartest take it one step further as they realize the value that nourishing their “present moments” play in their overall well being.

But the happiest actually find the time in their hectic schedule to implement the awesome power found in the “present moment” not only to smell the roses of life but to also instantly rejuvenate their minds.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Bill Peak
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