Wouldn’t You Just Love… To Get Lost In The Moment?

Consider the following:

• Children at play
• A teenager… or the young at heart, jamming at a rock concert
• A fan at a sporting event
• A couple holding hands, walking down the beach, enjoying a full moon
• Mother Teresa helping the poor and destitute
• An athlete running a marathon
• A man gone fishin’
• A family having dinner together, sharing stories and enjoying the evening
• A composer diligently writing a song
• A woman who is lost in her work
• An elderly man taking care of his sick wife.
• Parents raising their children together

Each situation above represents a person, or a group of people, who have fallen in love with the moment they’re in… and by doing so, have not only found, but are completely submerged in The Present Moment.

Why do we assume that something so natural as living in The Present Moment must be difficult to achieve?

I know at times I find myself concentrating so hard to enter the present, I completely miss it, by simply overlooking its vehicle… love.

Ah, but for those times I stumble in, it’s like music to my soul.

Soon after lingering in its rhythm, the magic begins. As I become lost in the moment, life’s distractions slowly dissipate… one by one. You see… love and distractions cannot co-exist in the same moment.

Lost in the moment
Every moment affords us countless opportunities to love and be loved… through the people in our lives, the hobbies we enjoy, the beauty that surrounds us, the work which ignites us and the blessings that rain down on us.

The problem is… our drama and distractions we so covet… are also competing for the same moment. And let me tell you… they are worthy competitors.

I see many folks, as they grow older, stuck in the memories of the past, mistakingly believing their best days are behind them. They reminisce the good ol’ days, as if their life was over.
Good old days dads wisdoms
It’s easy to fall into this trap because life has insulated us with, what I call, selective memory. That is to say, our memory plays like a movie trailer…it only shows us the best parts, while conveniently leaving out all the crap. Need I say more?

Your best days are neither behind you… nor in front of you. They’re here and now wrapped up in this very moment.

With a little love… you’ll fall right in.

This is life… don’t miss it.
Bill Peak

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  1. sibyl
    sibyl May 27, 2014 at 5:57 am | | Reply

    Last night (memorial day night) Steve and I invited my parents over for dinner. It was so nice! I was so in the moment. The best part for me was when my parents started telling us stories about WWII. My parents were about 6-7 years old when they had to hide in the jungles of the Philippines because of the Japanese (in and out for a period of about 3 years). Then how the Americans saved them. Then Steve told stories of his dad, then a very young man, was part of the group of American soldiers who went to the Philippines with McArthur, driving the Japanese out of the country. It was awesome to hear the stories and the connections. The stories, each from my parents was so detailed, I felt like I was there. I mention this because at just one, quick moment last night, I was very conscious of the entire scene…my parents telling their stories of their childhood “drama” and Steve talking about his father…it was magical. i started thinking, I will never have this moment again. i should be recording this.

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