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The other day I saw a picture of me taken 15 years ago and the first thing I thought was how young and vibrant I looked back then. As I faded further into the moment, I began thinking of how fast the years slip away and how much life has changed…the kids were so much younger…we had more time together…life was so much easier…had less gray hair…I actually had some hair…and so on.

There, I did it again…fell into the trap of relativity…not to be confused with “the theory of.” No, no…this has to do with romanticizing the memory of the past where all its wonder flashes back instantaneously in a single moment of pure bliss. How is it that, through the magic of time and space, all struggles and challenges associated with its reality have conveniently melted away… nowhere to be found.

If I’m not careful here I’ll get caught up in the moment, foolishly thinking the best years of my life are quickly fading like an October sunset burning across the Kentucky sky…woe is me.
Life'''It's all good
How in the world can we expect our reality at hand, as it’s encapsulated with all the various stresses of the day, to ever compete, relatively speaking…with the freeze dried moments of the past? It Ain’t Going to Happen!

Fast forward 15 years…pull up a picture of yourself as you are today. That’s right…that same trap of relativity will be waiting to catch you as you fall…longing for the moments you’re in right now.

Speaking for myself… I’m learning it’s not the “present moment” which is elusive… it’s all the others surrounding it which are.

So it’s my goal to keep life’s distractions from blinding me from the joy of the moment I’m in.
The past…was now. The present…is now. The future…will be now. It’s within these boundaries where life is always the best…relatively speaking that is.

Bill Peak
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8 Responses

  1. Martha
    Martha February 21, 2013 at 2:42 pm | | Reply

    Another good one!!

  2. Sibyl
    Sibyl February 22, 2013 at 5:55 am | | Reply

    Bill, it works. This was not here the other day!
    Anyway, love this one! So trying to work on this on a daily basis. I realized a few months ago that all of a sudden, I was in my 40s. I love my work, but Steve and I aren’t doing “fun things” as often as we want to do cuz we’re so busy. So, anyway, thanks for reminding us.
    Awesome posting

  3. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth February 23, 2013 at 12:55 pm | | Reply

    oh my goodness what light and life and wisdom you have to offer the world! I so enjoyed reading this. Such insight. And SO true. We all spend so much of our time pining for the past or future that we forget to live in the moment. It’s kind of relative to Buddhism as well, which even though I’m Catholic, I find has some beautiful theories behind it — it states that we all are striving to find this level of peace or place in our lives that is free of struggle. We are all working so hard for the moment to come when we can say “Ah, I finally have arrived.” Too often we are caught saying, “If I can only get through THIS, then I will finally have peace, or happiness” etc, waiting for a non-existent state of non-struggle. But Buddhism suggests that life IS struggle, always. And trying to evade hardships or pain, assessing those things as undesirable is specifically what is causing delusion and unhappiness. The sooner we can embrace the struggle and/or pain with the joys of life as par for the course, the happier and more well-adjusted we will be. Which I think goes along nicely with what you’ve written! Thank you so much for sharing. Such inspiration! Have a wonderful wonderful weekend!

  4. Sibyl
    Sibyl March 21, 2013 at 10:48 pm | | Reply

    60……………..????????????? I honestly can’t believe it!! I thought you were at least early 50s. You and Leslie look so young!

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