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Note to Self

p.s. The first song I ever wrote, I performed as a toast for my daughter, Elissa and her husband, Aaron at their wedding reception.
Last night, I was listening to it which inspired me to write this blog as well as put a few pictures together in the form of a two minute slideshow. It seemed to fit the mood at the moment.

Dad’s Slideshows With Music

One of my roles as a dad of six kids was to be in charge of the camera…and, I must say…I did it to perfection. I didn’t miss a thing…first steps, birthdays, building snowmen, vacations, Christmas mornings, graduations, weddings…you name it…I got it in a photo. It wasn’t too long before I had more photos […]

Wonderful summer day

Emotional pictures says it all.

We think in pictures but we feel, relate, and connect through emotions. Therefore, the challenge for the writer is to carefully choose words which paint emotional pictures for the reader to wander. As the mission’s accomplished…the reader is hooked; the writer is fulfilled. Add music to the mix and the story is taken to another […]

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