Life’s flow’s in the balance

Life flows freely like a mountain stream…though if left unchecked will most certainly travel down its path of least resistance which may not always serve our best interest.  Ah…but with our freedom of choice we decide if, how and when to react to its force through one (or a combination) of the following:

  • We can attempt to control its direction through goal setting…self-discipline…tackling problems head on…making things happen…leading…etc.
  • We can consciously relax and go with the flow as we learn to channel it…being easy going…helping others…diverting problems…loving.
  • We can completely let go and allow it to take us where it may…solely trusting God…lost in the moment…without fear or direction.

For me, the frustration is that the perfect combination is as fluid as living itself.  Living in life’s flow becomes a balancing act..  You see…as life evolves, so do the challenges of balancing the choices.
My friend…the next time you get that feeling of being “a bubble off plumb” …stop and check your balance.  Go to the mountains if you have to.

What helps you to your life in balance?  I would love to know.

Bill Peak
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