Conquer your fears and set your joy free.

In order to conquer your fears, you first have to acknowledge them.  And as you do, you can then decide just what you want to be afraid of.

Many of us aren’t living our dreams simply because we allow our fears to dictate their boundaries.  Where there is fear, there’s no joy. And where there’s no joy, there’s no desire to dream…you just exist.

Although there are fears which keep us safe, many others enslave us.  For instance, the fear of drowning for someone who can’t swim is a healthy fear which may keep one alive.  On the other hand, the fear of learning to swim because of being afraid of drowning is a paralyzing fear which could cost one his life.

Okay…chances are, not being able to swim probably won’t cost you your life.  But think about all the good times you will miss not being able to hang out at the pool with your friends on a hot summer afternoon…not being able to experience the pleasure of cooling down from the sweltering heat in a refreshing swimming pool.  Now that’s just plain sad.

This is what can happen when a simple fear is allowed to fester over a period of years.  The paper tiger it starts out to be morphs into an uncontrollable monster which absolutely smothers any joy that comes its way.

Now multiply this by all the other needless fears you’ve allowed to infiltrate other areas of your life and you can begin to understand just how much joy you’ve been missing out on.

I challenge you to dig deep and revisit some of your long held fears….give yourself a second chance.  As an adult, facing your fears can be exhilarating as it can deliver profound confidence that will open doors you never knew existed.

You have a real choice here…an opportunity to get your living back…a chance to take control and set yourself free.  As FDR once said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  Conquer your fears and set your joy free.

All you have to do is learn to swim…take that flight…strap on that parachute and jump…address that crowd with something you have to say…quit that job you have and find something you love to do…just get out there and start dancing.  What have you got to lose…fear? If you don’t, one day you’re going to wish you did.

The definition of being brave…the definition of being happy…the definition of being free…is being scared and doing it anyway.  Just do it!

Bill Peak

Which of your fears would like to Conquer?
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