Your faith will attract what you believe you deserve.

Take a moment to think about your life. Now, make a” top 10” list of things you believe you deserve. You’ve just constructed your life’s glass ceiling. You see, your faith will attract what you believe you deserve…and nothing more.

Who’s going to strive for something they don’t believe they deserve? Too many of us actually feel unworthy if we achieve beyond our self-imposed limitations. I have friends who work diligently for the things they want from life, only to feel guilty when comparing themselves to those who have chosen to have less.

Bingo…you have just gone beyond what you feel you deserve. So you draw back into their comfort zone of mediocrity, just below that glass ceiling you built for yourself. Yes, that’s more like it…Are you CRAZY!

If you choose to live in the shadow of others…fine. Workout with the strongest…draft with the fastest…hangout with the most optimistic…sing with the most talented…pray with the most thankful and surround yourself with the most successful. At least this way, you’ll raise your “guilt bar” a notch or two.

I say dream like crazy…create a burning desire for whatever you want. I say lead by your actions and let others follow. I say leave the guilt behind…develop some positive faith and as you do, that new found faith will attract the wonderful life you believe you deserve.

Bill Peak
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