Do it anyway

If you were solely in charge of locating your windows of opportunity, you would certainly miss out on life’s richest blessings…because the best ones open as you unknowingly position yourself to fall through.

As you know…life doesn’t always go as planned…and that can be a good thing. How many times have you set out to accomplish something only to realize, along the way, something totally different blossomed in its place?


My friend…that bloom was a blessing you put yourself in position to receive though without setting sail in the first place, you would have missed it completely.

It’s easy to find life’s hidden blessings when everything’s going well; they’re just as plentiful when your sky’s gray…they’re just a little harder to see. Your only job is to keep moving forward with your head up and your heart open…and they’ll find you.

If this is true, and I know it is…as we feel tired or depressed and want to give up, we may want to give it a second effort and …do it anyway. Those who do nothing miss out on intercepting the wonderful surprises life has to offer.

So when you find yourself smothered in a funk of pessimism, drifting two steps back for every one step forward, wondering “why even bother”…I say have a little faith and…do it anyway.

Remember…life’s blessings are God’s gifts you can’t earn. You just have to keep moving in order to put yourself in position to receive them. So…do it anyway.

Bill Peak
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