“Simple moments”

Simple moments make my heart smile

You’ve heard the saying if only these walls could talk.  Well…now that our kids have grown and the house is empty, these old walls are anything but quiet.  I won’t go as far as to say they’re talking, but I do believe I sense an echo or two from time to time.

And what echoes the loudest?  It’s the “simple moments.”  The ones I thought would never end.  Those pieces of heaven so cleverly disguised as…first steps, hugs around the neck, art on the fridge, crazy Saturday mornings, songs sung, dances danced, dreams dreamt, balls pitched…you know the simple moments I’m talking about.

They’re the ones you can’t get out of your mind during the drive home after dropping your child off at college.  They’re the ones that push through your heart and up your throat as they walk down the aisle, or ship overseas.  They’re the ones you tell stories about.  They’re the ones I write songs about.

Funny thing…whether it’s a sunset, a walk on the beach, a cozy dinner, hanging out with the family, a cold beer or a hot cup coffee…what transforms these “simple moments” into blessings, or pieces of heaven if you will, is the fact I get to experience them the woman I’m crazy about.


What “special moments” will your walls echo?

Bill Peak
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