If you smoke to relax… read this slowly… twice

If you believe you smoke to relax, but would still love to quit…this posting is for you.

In order to successfully quit smoking, you must first understand the forces you’re up against. There are two of these little demons…they go by the names addiction and habit.

Surprisingly, dealing with the nicotine addiction is the easy part…that only takes about two weeks to get through. With some knowledge and motivation, you’ll have little trouble with this guy.

The most difficult demon for most to overcome is the habit, or the brainwashing, if you will…especially if you smoke to relax. I refer to it as a demon because it has all the characteristics of one. It’s ruthless with its tactics and relentless in its tenacity.
It knows that for every day you remain strong, its control over you diminishes. Therefore, it does everything in its power to get and keep you agitated; it constantly whispers its mantra… you’ll never relax without a smoke.
It deceives you by trying to make you believe, in your most vulnerable moment, that it’s okay to light up just one last cigarette.

It tries its best in convincing you to alter your strategy from quitting to just maybe cutting back. Let me tell you something…cutting back is the first step in going back. Seriously…who’s fooling who?
Just One Last Cigarette Wont Hurt
Listen…if you haven’t prepared for these demons, you will quickly succumb to their trickery. And in those moments of temptation, you will easily be convinced that you simply don’t have what it takes to quit. This mindset is devastating because it has the ability to break your spirit before you even really begin. I know it well…it broke mine a time or two.

The good news is…if you’re ready and willing, you will not only see them coming before they appear, but you’ll be able to soften their blow as they do.

For me, the tough part was not so much giving up the smokes… in fact, that was much easier than I anticipated. No, the difficulty was doing without the so called pleasures I was convinced I was receiving. For instance, because I did smoke to relax, I honestly believed smoking that little cigarette helped me do so like nothing else could. Honestly, in its sick way…it did.

This is how it works. The nicotine addiction brainwashes you to the point where, as long as your body is filled with it…you believe you feel normal, or relaxed if you will. The problem is… nicotine dissipates from your body very quickly. As a matter of fact, it only takes about 15 or 20 minutes between smokes before your body starts to become agitated, demanding a refill. The longer you wait, the more uncomfortable you get.

Settling this agitation with a smoke is the great illusion of relaxation…it’s the coveted #1 reason people fear quitting. Talk about trickery…this illusion is 180 degrees out of phase with reality.

The fact is our bodies and minds are naturally relaxed in their normal state. It’s the introduction of nicotine which throws things out of whack. The constant agitation caused by craving nicotine overrides your natural state of relaxation. As an addicted smoker, your “relaxed state” only surfaces when the agitation is removed by smoking a cigarette…thus, the illusion.  You see, you believe you smoke to relax, but just the opposite is true.  If you didn’t have the agitation…you would always be relaxed. Take some time and wrap your mind around this fact.

Let me say this again because this is an absolute fact…you can take it to the bank.

Without the nicotine addiction…the relaxed state you so crave…will be your normal state. If this wasn’t true, believe me, I would smoke today.

Think about it. Observe people who don’t smoke. It’s true, they may have a lot going on…but they’re content doing it. Notice the energy level they have…they don’t tire easily. And above all…they’re not going out in the cold to relax every half hour or so.

The truth is…non-smokers enjoy all the pleasures you believe you receive from smoking and more…much more. And they don’t ever need to light up a cigarette to have them.

Again, understanding what you’re up against is crucial to your success. Knowing and anticipating your opponent’s every move will take away its power. So, again, I restate.
Soften the blow
As a smoker, your body is addicted to nicotine and the more of this poison you feed it, the more it craves, and the weaker you become. As long as you satisfy these cravings, you feel relaxed or “normal” if you will. But the moment you starve them…your relaxation is quickly consumed and replaced with agitation. You light up, feed the craving, and settle back down.

This vicious cycle has you trapped. In fact, it brainwashes you to the point of believing you absolutely can’t relax and enjoy life without the smokes. My friend…we live in our minds, and if we believe it, it’s a fact…at least to us.
So here’s the formula for success, pure and simple… and there’s no getting around it. You eliminate the nicotine fit and you can relax any time you want. That’s it. It’s one of those indisputable truths. Sure, I could sugar coat it, but I would soon lose all credibility if I did.

The good news is…I did it. I quit smoking many years ago. That in itself should give you hope beyond compare. In my mind’s eye, I was one cool son-of-a-gun who had everything under control….though reality had a bit of a different take. You see, I had an addictive personality and a two pack a day habit. At the time, I didn’t have a lot of self-confidence, or control. I could have, at the drop of a hat, rattled off a dozen excuses why I couldn’t, or wouldn’t, quit. I’m telling you, I was that man in the mirror.
I was that man in the mirror
My message is all about motivation. As a matter of fact…my book, How to Quit Smoking with Pleasure, is 80% motivation and 20% how to. You see…if you get fired up and excited about quitting, or anything else for that matter, you’ll find a way to make it happen.

Nothing stops a super motivated person from achieving their goal…nothing. If I can get you motivated and excited about quitting, I believe I can give you the techniques to close the deal. And not only that, I will look like a genius doing so.

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  1. Sibyl
    Sibyl February 3, 2015 at 6:11 am | | Reply

    I’m not a smoker, but what a great description of this demon. You should publish this or have any healthcare worker read this so that they can understand the difficulty that patients have in trying to stop smoking.

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