Smokers… Give Me Five Minutes. What Do You Have To Lose?

When you quit smoking, it will be on your terms…really? If that were true, you would have stopped long ago. The fact is… you’ve been at the mercy of those cancer sticks ever since you consciously decided to become addicted. Hey…it is what it is.
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As your newly self-appointed mentor, your first lesson is to admit you’re addicted; your second is to consciously decide you’ve had your last smoke…and mean it. And if you’re serious about quitting, you may want to consider a trusted mentor who has successfully negotiated obstacles that will try to bring you down.
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Consider this analogy. You and I have been exploring a cave all day. As we try to find our way out, we suddenly realize our exit is now blocked by a large rock which had fallen while we were spelunking.

Desperately searching for another way out, we notice what appears to be a cavern full of water. From my experience exploring caves, I explain that many water caverns often have underwater tunnels leading to dry passages on higher ground.
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As options dwindle, fear begins to creep in big time as we contemplate the reality of having to swim underwater to who knows where…not to mention how long of a swim or even if it would lead us out. Facing this hopeless situation, you begin to panic and freeze up.

Trusting my instincts I strip down, take a deep breath, dive in and disappear from sight. After several minutes, I come back with the good news of learning that freedom is less than a 60 second underwater swim away.

Immediately, your paralyzing fear is replaced with new hope.

Contemplating the journey, you realize that holding your breath for 60 seconds will be very difficult. But knowing and visualizing the euphoria awaiting on the other side creates a desire so intense nothing now could keep you from going for it.

Question: What transformed your attitude from “absolutely no go” to “nothing can hold you back?”

The answer is simple: pure desire, laced with intense emotion. But make no mistake about it…without the trusted information of what was on the other side, you may have remained paralyzed forever.
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A similar debilitating fear is all too familiar to the smoker who faces the uncharted waters of quitting alone. Someone who has actually navigated those choppy seas and knows how to avoid their trappings just may be the missing link to your success.

Whether trying to quit smoking, or achieving any goal for that matter, the ingredients for success are the same.

• A vision of what is wanted
• Pinpoint information on how to get it
• A burning desire with an eternal flame

This is your time…this is the day when you quit smoking. Your new life is waiting for you…I’ve been there…I know the way.

I was a heavy smoker for many years just like you. I attempted to quit and failed dozens of times before finally figuring it out. But figuring it out I did…and you will too.

You see…once you get a taste of that sweet joy cigarette smoking has stolen from you, this quitting smoking thing will be a piece of cake. We just need to build some inertia to get you rolling.
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There’s a Buddhist Proverb which states, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Well… this is your lucky day.  There are many teachers which surround you every day who would love to help you. Your job is to attract them.

Begin by reading everything you can get your hands on… especially the success stories.  This will get the ball rolling.  As long as you keep seeking… you’ll keep finding.  That’s how “The Law of Attraction” works. Yes… that’s how you will quit smoking.

You have people in your life who love you.  Try it for them.

Please leave me a comment below.  I want to hear your thoughts.

Bill Peak
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