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When we were kids, we’d play the game, “If you had one wish, what would it be?” More times than not, the first answer would be a resounding “a million dollars!” Of course, the clever kids were quick to yell out “two more wishes”…there’s always one in the crowd.
As an adult, the top of our wish list has probably evolved to something a little more meaningful…such as, a long and healthy life, or maybe, true happiness for our kids…yeah, that’s the ticket…true happiness for our kids. But, a closer look may reveal the only thing which has really evolved is our point of view.

You see…whether it’s the child’s wish of a million dollars or the adult’s desire for abundant health…they’re basically the same. Both are generated from the same innate longing. Both believe their wish will bring “peace of mind” to their world. For this is the real prize.
Think about it. In that delightful moment when your mind is at peace, there’s no turmoil, no worries, no fear, no stress…pure unadulterated joy fills the void.

The sun seems brighter; the air smells sweeter…you can almost taste it as your senses are firing on all cylinders. You can’t explain it, but everything is in place as the world makes perfect sense. Life is good…real good. Within that moment, without a doubt, there is everything you need and want. Inspirational thoughts run rampant. At this moment, you are truly experiencing a piece of heaven. And as long as you can…just be…the moment lingers.
There are two ways I know of to achieve this “peace of mind”. One is through the grace of God. Without warning and for no apparent reason, He just surrounds you with it. We’ve all been there. And as for me…there’s no other place I’d rather be.

Ironically, the second way is also through the grace of God, but with a twist. You can enter into it anytime, but (and this is a big but) unlike the former, you have to earn it.

You see…the mind and the body, although two separate entities if you will, intimately benefit from each other’s behavior. Understanding this reality brings credibility to what I’m about to tell you.

As described eariler, when the mind is at peace, the body, without question, follows suit. Well…I’m here to tell you, the same is also true in reverse. When the body is at peace…the mind, without question, also follows suit.

If you read my blogs, you realize I’m big on fitness. When I first started seriously working out years ago, my primary motivation was purely health related…nothing more. But I soon found out, the rewards were much more beneficial.

Within every worthwhile endeavor seems to be these wonderful treasures just waiting to be discovered. I like to think of them as hidden blessings. And working out is no exception. After about six months of diligent strength training, I was awakened to this wonderful experience.

Side note: this is what’s so damn exciting about going out on a limb and trying something new! There’s always an awakening of some sort!

As you work the body on a regular basis…I talking somewhere between a half hour to an hour, at least three to four times a week…something very cool begins to takes place. From working out, endorphins are produced, which floods the body, and lingers for several hours afterwards…aaaaaaaaaaaah.

If you’re not familiar with endorphins…it’s a chemical which the body produces during a strenuous workout. It delivers feelings of euphoria, similar to that of cocaine…no joke. In other words, it provides hours of peace of mind. Bingo!

Listen…exercising is a hard sell. It requires a large amount of effort in which the benefits are delayed. As a matter of fact, they’re only realized after successfully overcoming the will of the body wanting to stop. Yes…it’s that proverbial wall runners speak of.
The truth is…that same wall awaits all who boldly try to enter in to claim their piece of heaven…be it runners, weight lifters, walkers, swimmers, bike riders, dancers…you name it.

Sorry to say, this wall has kept many at bay, but for the diligent…not so. For once they’ve experienced the prize…it’s no longer an issue.

So here’s what you do. Pick something, or a combination of somethings you can deal with to get you through that wall. Decide to make it a regular part of your life.

Begin with three times a week, 15 minutes a day. After a month, you’re going to be very proud of yourself, as you work up to 30 minutes. Not only that, but you’re going to feel great.

Don’t be impatient…it will take four to six months to begin to experience this peace of mind. But once you do…I’m telling you…you will never stop. Your life will be transformed.
Jesus said, “My peace I leave you…my peace I give you.” Have you found it yet?

Try looking in the mirror. God gave you a body along with a renewable supply of energy. What in the world do you think you’re supposed to do with it? USE IT!

Your peace of mind depends on it.

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  1. Sibyl
    Sibyl November 4, 2013 at 6:35 am | | Reply

    Bill, don’t know what it is, but your postings always come at just the right time. I’m not kidding you. I think you released this one “peace of mind” a few weeks ago while I was on vacation. I was running around so much and didn’t have time to read all my e-mails. So I shelved this one and just found it this morning. SO weird because, just last night, Steve and I had a discussion about getting back into working out CONSISTENTLY. We have really “fallen off the wagon” when it comes to exercising. Steve went upstairs to work out and only did it for a few minutes then stopped. When I asked him why, he said his head was just not into it. I also realized that I haven’t been doing my routine workouts early in the morning, consistently, very sporadic.
    But what you say is true, once you start and force yourself to keep doing it, there is that feeling of peace and motivation and just plain old feeling good mentally (like you can do anything) and physically (I have more control in my breathing when I sing).
    Anyway, when I read this this morning, it just motivated me. I will start working out again; at least force myself starting tomorrow morning. We do have our usual trainer coming out to our house tonight….but tomorrow…..you’ll see, I’ll be upstairs at 5 AM.
    I’ll keep you informed…..
    Have a great day!! and thank you so much for your advice and motivation!!!

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