It’s Perfect Timing For the Present Moment.

I had an epiphany today.

I had always thought of the present moment as being this peaceful snapshot of life, completely immune from all self-imposed chaos, encapsulated within the ebb and flow of the here and now. And my only chance of feeling its presence was to be ever vigilant and completely free of thought as it whisks by…like a shadow from a cloud.

My problem was my focus was misdirected. It was fixed on the moment itself rather than the ebb and flow of the rhythm it was in. Think of it this way. To take a clear, sharp photo of a moving target, you must pan the camera the exact speed of the action as you click the shutter…otherwise, the moment you’re trying to capture will be distorted.

A 3D stereogram

A 3D stereogram

Have you ever looked at a 3D stereogram? At first glance, you only see what appears to be a maze of lines and a sea of color in complete disarray. But as you relax your eyes and continue to gaze, you begin to feel its rhythm, if you will, as a three dimensional picture blossoms from within. And as long as you’re able to feel its rhythm, the moment remains.

Notice…rhythm is the main focus here…not the moment. For the moment is continually in motion with the rhythm it’s in. And if you’re not feeling it…you’ll completely miss it. But…if you sync yourself with the rhythm of the moment at hand…its bloom will too blossom, as in the 3D stereogram.

My epiphany awakened me to the possibility that as long as I’m able to feel life’s rhythm, I have an opportunity to be in perfect sync with the present moment I’m in…therefore fully experiencing it.`

I have always felt an intoxicating joy from certain special moments in my life, as if somehow time was standing still just long enough for me to get my fill. But now I realize it just seems that way. For those moments I deem special, I have consciously or subconsciously become one with the rhythm they’re in…

• A slow dance with my wife
• That first cup of coffee as the day breaks
• Slowly taking in a deep breath of fresh air
• Being mesmerized by the color of a burning sunset
• The intoxicating lullaby of crashing ocean waves breaking on the beach
• The fragrance of a flower
• Feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit
• Being drawn in by the hook of a great song
• The sound and scent of an April shower
• A bed rush ending a long trying day
• An exhilarating three laps around a superspeedway
• Being lost in a creative groove
• The beginning of a long awaited road trip
• The words “your test results are negative”
• Singing in harmony with tuned voices
• A hug around the neck from one of my grandkids

Present Moment

The longer my list becomes, the more I realize it doesn’t matter where I am, whom I’m with, or the speed at which I operate. No…it’s all about feeling the rhythm from the moment at hand. And as long as that rhythm is felt, the moment remains timeless.

So from now on, I will be much more in tune to the rhythms surrounding my life. When it feels good, I’ll turn it up and milk it for all it’s worth. When I feel out of sync, stressed or a bit out of balance, I will take whatever moment I find myself in and step completely out of it. I’ll try my best to sense its rhythm, then jump back in and hopefully recognize the moment for what it is.

Even a bad song sounds better when time is taken to feel its beat.

And for those days when the rhythm is nowhere to be found…and believe me, I have my share, my lovely wife will, as she does so well, work with me on some new moves. Thanks sweetheart.

As always…I love your comments

Bill Peak
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  1. Sibyl
    Sibyl July 5, 2013 at 6:04 am | | Reply

    So true! I am reading this book SLOWLY (you have to read it slow because every word and sentence is important – I have to read it more than once) called The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Have you ever read it. It talks about what you are talking about but he does not mention about this rhythm. But I think you are right. So many times, I’ve tried to be in the moment, but it just doesn’t work unless you feel that rhythm that you are talking about. Sometimes, if I try too hard, it just doesn’t work, but some other times, it just happens and I have to stop to capture it. I’m so glad you wrote this, because, before I read this passage, I didn’t know what was going on.
    Thanks so much….another great posting!
    Hope you are having a good summer.

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