“School of Hard Knocks”

“School of hard knocks” is an educational experience of which no one in their right mind would seek on their own.  Sadly, it’s life’s void which generally draws the student in before he realizes he’s there…usually at a very young, tender age.

You see…the “school of hard knocks” isn’t an institution at all.  There are no buildings, teachers or rules.  You find yourself there because you are pretty much pissed off at the world and everyone in it for various reasons…usually brought about by others.

At first glance, it feels wonderful because no one cares what you do, where you go, or how you think…or if you think.  This lack of love is well disguised as freedom…just what the doctor ordered…yeah right?

This is the terrible paradox…love, which you are craving, becomes mutated.  This mutation is manifested through acting out in detrimental ways with others who are in the same boat.  It keeps feeding on itself.

The problem is the same environment which attracted you in the first place continues to perpetuate and reinforce your voids until one of two things happen.  You either break …or break free.

I want to tell you I am an alumnus, and by the grace of God, I broke free.  Ironically, if you do…break free that is…the education received is priceless and will serve you well…very well.  In fact it has given me an edge and the confidence I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else.

Although I was able to greatly benefit from its value, many end up falling through its gaping cracks…worse off than they were before they entered.  I wish this on no one.

In this category, “School of Hard Knocks,” I want to share some stories in order to help those trapped, “break free.”  If you are one who has broken free, I want to hear your success story because you never know who is reading.

Bill Peak
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